Returning from a wonderful trip around the Dordogne region, I went through my usual routine of uploading all my photos, labelling them, and then deleting the photos from my camera’s memory card.
But, shock, horror, later that day I went to look at them, and the file wouldn’t open!
After a sweaty, panic-riddled night with hardly any sleep, I called my computer pal Jim, who spent over an hour trying to trace them.
imagerecall5He finally managed to open the file, but every photo frame was empty with the word ERROR written across them.
I paced up and down, muttering things like Gary Glitter, pervs and criminals.
Surely the info had to be in there somewhere? If I was a Baddie, would the police be able to retrieve it?
By sheer chance, I called my friend Isabel in the Cuban Embassy about something completely different. Then I told her what had happened. And, oh, hallelujah, she said the same thing had happened to her. Her husband had accidently deleted their Cuban photos. And when they got home, he’d found
They’d bought the software, and retrieved their photos from the camera!
From the camera? But the memory cards were empty!
I called Image Recall, and a very helpful techie man called Rob patiently explained to me that, yes, it could be done. I had to download a free trial which would tell me if it was possible to retrieve all, or most of the photos.
Still not able to believe it, I tried it and, yes, it said that the photos were retrievable.
I bought it for £24.99 and guess what? I’ve got my photos back!
Although I can see the photos, a couple of them are grey and empty, or have two shots split in half, but I don’t care. I’ve got most of them back.
I’ll rerun it later, to see if the other photos improve.
I’ve spoken to several professional photographer friends, and it seems that everyone does it – once! But none of them had heard of this programme. They’re all delighted to be told about it.
Jim said he didn’t realise that the photos were retrievable from the camera.
Thank you  I’m very grateful. I’ve got my memories back – but I’ll never need your services again. I’ve learnt my lesson!