Ann Evans chats to the inventor of a brand new board game that you’ll be itching to get your hands on.

Pic Daring Dustbunnies board game

Daring Dustbunnies board game


Who could have imagined that vacuuming the fluff from under the sofa could be such fun? Well, Midlands award-winning game designer, Andy Hopwood – that’s who! And today, July 1st Andy launches his Kickstarter project to get his latest board game, Daring Dustbunnies up and running – or should we say hopping?

Daring Dustbunnes is a family fun game for 2 to 5 players that combines pushing your luck, hidden identity and tactical gameplaying all set in a magical world of creatures living under the sofa.



Andy of Birmingham says, “Daring Dustbunnies transports the players into a universe of creatures that live under the sofa, magically animating balls of fluff in an effort to prove who is the most daring amongst them.

“It’s a game that rewards deduction, misdirection and timing as you endeavour to position your fluffball as close as possible to the vacuum of doom just at the moment when someone else gets sucked up it. Time it wrong and you’ll be the one in the vortex and your opponent will be brandishing the gold medal.”


Pic Who would have thought fluff could be such fun

Who would have thought fluff could be such fun


Nicknamed The Wonka of the Board Game Andy has been designing and producing games for the last ten years and amongst his successes are Mijnlieff which won Best Abstract Award in the UK Games Expo 2010 and Zoom Zoom Kaboom which took the Best Board Game at the UK Games Expo 2012.

Andy adds, “Although I’ve been making games for the last 10 years this is my first Kickstarter project, so it feels very fresh and exciting and a whole new process that I’m getting engaged in.


Pic Andy explaining the rules

Andy explaining the rules


“Kickstarter means I can have a more ambitious project which has included an artist in the form of Lloyd Ash Pyne and the support of Nate Brett in graphic design.”

The game has been two years in the making and has been play-tested by 400 people who thoroughly enjoyed it. One reviewer said:  “It is an engine designed for fun.”


Pic 5

Pic Andys fantastic new board game

Andys fantastic new board game

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