day diet

day 3, Lyn’s Nibbly Dish

This is a very old diet and it’s always successful, but you mustn’t alter it in any way!

There weren’t so many veggie/vegans around when I discovered it, so all I can suggest is on Day 5 & 6 when you’re supposed to eat a steak, substitute sliced aubergine and mushrooms.
You can lose up to a stone, which is a great encouragement to carry on dieting sensibly.
NB One week is all that you should do it for!
You have to be in the right frame of mind to tackle it. But it’s only for seven days, so just count the days.
The secret of its success is not to let yourself feel hungry at all. If you feel any hunger pangs, eat something and have a drink of water, tea, coffee, or fruit tea.
Plan activities to keep you occupied, but try to avoid telling anyone, and don’t go out if you can avoid it!
All your so-called friends, even the larger ones, will tell you that you shouldn’t do it like that; you should do it like this! And do all your shopping before you start. This gets you ready, and stops you buying anything like chocolate biscuits.
And no alcohol at all! Come on, it’s only for a week!
Tuesday I worked my way through a pile of ironing which took several hours.

A good book is a great standby too.

Do all your housework, learn a language, but keep your brain fed!
I find that I can do it effortlessly if I start on a Monday. Each day that follows makes it easier.


MONDAY. Just fruit and skimmed milk. No bananas!
I had a good selection of fruit, including tinned grapefruit, oranges, apples, grapes, cherries, and dried apricots.
And don’t forget that tomatoes are a fruit! They have no calories but they’re quite filling.

day diet

day 2 & 3, cauliflower soup

TUESDAY. Just vegetables.
This is easy. I made a soup out of a few pieces of cauliflower, cabbage, an onion, parsley,  and I added chopped tomatoes at the end. Add a couple of pints of water, and around ½ pint of skimmed milk.
Cook it all until the vegetables are soft and then blitz with a hand-held mixer.
The soup becomes lovely and thick. Season it and have a bowlful when you fancy it.
In the evening I had a simple stirfry, but I added a glug of soya sauce.
You can make a ratatouille of green pepper, aubergine, garlic, onion, tomatoes and mushrooms. It’s also nice cold.

day diet

day 3, Lyn’s Nibbly Dish


Fruit and vegetables. I had soup left over from yesterday for lunch, and I nibbled on fruit and raw carrots whenever I felt hungry, which wasn’t very often.

day diet

Day 4

THURSDAY. I’m halfway now. I enjoy this day!
Up to 9 bananas. That’s it.
I make a milkshake by liquidising 4-5 bananas with just under a litre of milk. Delicious, and very filling! I get around three glassfuls.
Do make sure to save a whole banana for the end of the evening, before you go to bed, and have your last glassful of milkshake in the evening


day diet

day 5 & 6, steak days

FRIDAY. A steak. I save it until the evening.
Use your sense what else you eat. Again I nibbled on tomatoes and drank lots of liquid.
Oh my steak was lovely! I ate it with a bowl of mixed salad, with oil and vinegar.

SATURDAY Again, a steak. This time you can make a cauliflower cheese, with onions and tomatoes, in it, and just enough cheese to flavour it  Delicious and filling!

I stuck to the mixed salad.

day diet

Day 7, rice day

SUNDAY. The final day. Just rice! That’s the basic rule.
I had a 2nd cup of tea, and water in the morning.
Then at 11am I made a large saucepan of boiled rice with turmuric to colour it, curry powder, a tsp of veg gravy, spices, parsley and seasoning in it. Carefully boil it, but add water when necessary, and don’t let the bottom burn!
Tuck in to a bowlful or grab a spoonful whenever you feel the need to eat something.

I also made some sweet rice. Boil the rice with half skimmed ilk, half water. Add several sweeteners, a dash of mixed spice, cinnamon and nutmeg, and a tblsp of honey.

Remember rice swells so drink water with and after eating it to help fill you up.

You can do it. It’s the final day! Just pretend you’re eating a curry.

MONDAY. I did it! And I’m not hungry this morning.
I didn’t weigh myself before I started because I was scared to! But I’m more interested in my size than my weight.

The first two days I didn’t lose anything so I was getting disillusioned. But I persevered and waited till the end before I jumped on the scales again. And guess what, I’ve lost over half a stone! I hoped for more but I’m happy with that.
I have to ease up a bit after my week’s strict regime, but I’m still dieting as I need to drop a couple more dress sizes before the Summer. So it’s soup, meat, fish and salads for a couple of weeks. I’ll stay off the potatoes and carbs for a while.
One thing that I’ve noticed is, my tastebuds have improved. I’m relishing every mouthful, and the flavours stand out more.
Now I’m going to hang a favourite dress on the front of the wardrobe, and aim to fit into it in a couple of weeks. Looking at it will give me incentive. I shall try it on before meals.
My enemy will be the evenings, when I’m tempted to snack in front of the telly. So it’s fruit and carrots on standby.

When weight comes off quickly it can go on even quicker, so I’ve got to be very careful and exercise regularly..
Wish me luck. I know I can do it!