This competition is now closed.
Thank you for all your entries in this Competition to win a signed copy of Liz Wright’s book about the Belle Tout Lighthouse.
Gareth the Webitor chose a name at random and the book will be sent to your home in Surrey, Mrs Jan Drayson, very soon!
If any of you want a signed copy of the book, contact Liz Wright via B-C-ing-U!


Entering Competitions has been a hobby of mine for many years.
I’ve won a selection of prizes, worth thousands of pounds, and had some experiences that money can’t buy, including playing tennis with Tim Henman – twice!
The first time, I was surprised at how light the racquets are now. I said, ‘Cor, this is easy!’ Tim collapsed laughing, and I lobbed him!
The second time was at the Wimbledon Indoor Courts, several years later. There’s a waiting list of years to join.
When I walked in, Tim said, ‘Nice to see you again Lyn!’
That’s style!
But he got his revenge, neatly dropping the ball just out of my reach!
I much prefer the old style of competition, where you had to write a Tiebreaker in 12 words or less, saying something like ‘I like Bloggs’s cornflakes because…’
beachThe judges used to spend several hours, arguing over the best one.
Now it’s mainly Draws, where the computer picks a random winner.
Although I’ve never won a Car, I did win a Moped – from Tampax!
You had to say why Tampax was suitable for the free-loving girl.
My tiebreaker was With Tampax to choose there’s no time to lose!
When I phoned them, a jolly voice would say, ‘Good morning, Tampax!’ and I’d snigger childishly, like you probably are now!
I’ll never forget Hubby John chuntering along behind the car in the rain, on a bright yellow Moped, wearing a yellow helmet as we took it home!
No, I never did ride it. A young girl bought it and I told her the story behind it. She used to smile and give me a big wave every time I saw her.
carI was very popular when our daughter was at school. The other Mums would donate a packet of bath goodies that had been doing the rounds for years, or a bottle of wine. I would donate a portable radio!
My late Dad opened his birthday present and flooded in tears. It was a small TV so he could watch the cricket in peace in his bedroom.
He said, ‘I’ve never had such an expensive birthday present!
I replied, You little liar. You got a £150 Parker pen last year!’
My family usually gets a selection of Christmas presents that I’ve won. I always tell everyone because a lot of the gifts are worth more than they realise, eg a pair of special-edition trainers worth nearly £200.
This Competitions page will be a regular feature.

Do you have a prize that you can donate to B-C-ing-U! like a holiday or a hamper, or are you currently running a Competition?
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belletout01Meanwhile here’s our first competition.
What year was Beachy Head’s Belle Tout Lighthouse moved back 17 metres from the crumbling cliff edge?
Was it
A) 1899
B) 1909
C) 1999

Send the answer, your name, address, phone number and email address to: with ‘Belle Tout Competition’ in the Subject line.

The prize is a copy of Elizabeth Wright’s book, Belle Tout – The Little Lighthouse that Moved.
Closing date, Friday 31st January.
The first name picked after that date will win the prize.