tag1I reluctantly ventured out of the house to do some shopping yesterday.
The supermarket shelves were heaving with Christmas food and drink; no surprise there of course.
But, oh, the prices! Unbelievable!
I met a friend who had bought a bottle of sparkly last week. She said she went to get a couple more, and they’d gone up by – wait for it – £17!!! Each!!! In a week!
I’m not paying these prices! Not only can’t we really afford it; (we never live beyond our means;) but I begrudge the greedy, selfish supermarkets who are ruthlessly cashing in on what they know is a captive audience.
Oh how I hate crowds, and negotiating a path between shopping trolleys, either parked while the owner goes off to get something, or comes at me backwards.
Everyone seems to wiggling from side to side. The stupid thing is, if we all walked in a straight line, there wouldn’t be such chaos!
And all the trollies were absolutely loaded. It’s worrying because people don’t seem to care how much they spend at Christmas. They’re brain-washed into thinking that it’s compulsory! But so much of it ends up in the bin. And it all makes January the most miserable month of the year. We’re bloated, fat and broke.
We’ll do our final shopping tomorrow evening, when things have quietened down. We’ve always managed to get a half-price turkey then. Well I’m not paying £40 for a turkey! It’s a ridiculous price! Forty quid for a turkey! And you can guarantee that the turkey farmer won’t see much of that money!
Hubby John isn’t a great turkey lover anyway, so he’ll be perfectly happy with a fresh chicken, or a juicy pork chop if we’re out of luck. And daughter Rana is a Vegan. So it’s only me really.
As I travel a lot, I do my Christmas shopping throughout the year, so I only have a couple of extra presents to buy. And I spread out the other costs too. I’ll buy my Christmas cards and paper in the January sales. It means that I can afford a better quality of card too!
I’m always happy to buy something of quality that’s priced at cost, plus a necessary mark-up, eg at Farmers’ Markets or Craft Fairs. But these rip-off merchants shouldn’t be encouraged.
Mavbe next year we should start some new Christmas habits that will save us all money.
December the 25th was a Pagan ceremony. Jesus was apparently born in the Summer.
So why don’t we move Christmas? Or even better have TWO Christmasses! We could have one for the food, and one for the presents, and spread the costs!
The trouble is, the cold-blooded capitalists would find a way to cash in on it somehow!
Have a Merry, Moderate Christmas everyone!