benefitsstreet2We’re all gripped, watching Benefits Street on the telly.
About 80% of the tenants are on benefits, and the same percentage is foreign, from a variety of Countries.
They all complain that their benefits have been cut, and they don’t have enough to live on.
But most of them have tattoos and body piercing, and they sit around smoking all day.
And they all have mobile phones, ipads, and other gadgets that I can’t afford!
Not much housework gets done.
Clothes are all new instead of from Charity shops, and the Children are constantly munching on luminous sweets and lollies. And then they don’t sleep at night, because they’re so high on E numbers, while their parents complain that they have no money for food!
You could practically get killed in the stampede when the ice-cream man arrives, playing his tinkly tune.
The foreigners moan that they were better off in their own countries, pictured wiping tears out of their eyes, so we all shout at the telly, Well go home then! It’s your choice. Nobody’s stopping you!
Some of the foreigners try to set up some kind of business, but that often involves raiding the neighbours’ dustbins and spreading rubbish on the street.
Benefits StreetNone of us have the slightest grain of pity for any of them in the street. But they’re not being treated properly.
All of them are lacking in a basic education, due to their background, upbringing, skyving from school, etc.
It’s no good just throwing money at them. They don’t understand what to do with it.
They need to go to day-schools and be taught how to live, clean, and manage their money. And if they don’t turn up, they shouldn’t get paid.
You don’t see any of them peeling potatoes, cooking meals, etc. They don’t know how to.
I don’t think the next Gordon Ramsay/Jamie Oliver lives on Benefits Street!
They should be taught how to cook a few basic, nourishing meals, instead of walking down the road and paying for takeaways. And they put doughnuts before deodorants.
At least a lot of the foreigners are filmed cooking meals in a pot. The Brits haven’t got the slightest idea what to do!
Sadly, they’re breeding the next generation of uneducated spongers, who won’t bother looking for work because there’s no point. Why waste time working when you can get given money for doing nothing?
Where does it end? We don’t have an endless money pit to support the ever-growing number of scroungers and the others who want to work, but just don’t know how to!
benefitsstreet3They’ll outnumber the workers very soon, if they don’t already, but we’re not being told!
They have no self-discipline, and often can’t even talk properly, so they’re unemployable.
Like Children, they need to be monitored and guided. If they’re not, the whole Country is going to grind to a halt!
But thinking about it, why blame them when we have a stream of Political Parties who spend millions every day, blowing up, maiming and killing innocent people in other Countries, or giving away millions of our money to ungrateful Nations, then demand that we all have to make cutbacks to pay for their madness!