trampoline 001 (Small)

Guess what I did on Saturday? I went to my 2nd class; trampolining.

Unfortunately I’d booked into the wrong class, so all the others were kids who gave me strange looks!

But the main problem was that you’ll be surprised to know, Dear Readers in Other Countries, we’re not allowed to take photos of children in this country.

Parents can’t even photograph their own children at school sports days, or playing with other toddlers in Soft Play Centres.

So I had to be very careful where I pointed the camera, and Kate had to clear the children out of the way while she took my photo on the trampoline.

There were two large trampolines edge to edge in the main hall.

Kate Newman, aged 40, was in charge.

Like a lot of fit people who go to the gym, she looks younger than her age.

She’s been at the gym for eight years, and she’s one of three Duty Managers.

Taking a tumble

Taking a tumble

Like everyone at Freedom Leisure, she has a load of qualifications, including Level 3 Personal Trainer, Trampoline Coach, (which took an intensive week’s course,) Spinning, (no, this is not spinning with wool! It’s working on exercise bikes,) Lifeguard, and she’s also qualified in Management and 1st Aid.

The children start on the trampoline from age 4 or 5, and they enter a lot of local competitions.

I was surprised at the talent of some of the children. They could perform somersaults, back somersaults, back drops, half twists, and much more.

The more advanced pupils were as elegant as ballet dancers, and bounced very high.

Kate sometimes pushed a soft mat into place when somersaults or falls were performed, to soften their landings.

And then it was my turn.

For a start, I couldn’t even climb on it without Kate’s help as it was so high!

When I started bouncing it was a weird sensation and I didn’t like it. Then I realised that the mesh was creating an optical illusion as Ijumped up and down, so I kept my head up and it was much better then.

I was beginning to enjoy it and the kids found it amusing, but it really was hard work.



I’m sure it’s a very good way to exercise and lose weight, but I’m afraid it’s not for me! Iwas actually shaking with exertion when I got off it, which was after just a few minutes.

What shall I try next?

I quite fancy the Tai Quan Do classes.

Watch this space!