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Isn’t it funny how people say, ‘Ooh, you’ve lost weight,’ and not, ‘Ooh, you look thinner!’

Despite all my frantic exercising, I haven’t really lost much weight. But people are commenting that I’m definitely thinner.

Apparently when you exercise, you change fat to muscle, so it’s perfectly normal not to lose a lot of weight quickly.

Anyway, I’m a lot fitter, which is the most important thing.

Every morning when I go to the gym, I meet several regulars there.

One of them is Pete Humphries.

I always assumed that he went there before carrying on to work.

But to my surprise, he’s going to be 75 soon!

canine companions 033 (Small)No way does he look it, or act it, so he’s living proof of how good for you regular exercise is.

Every weekday for seven years, Pete has gone to the gym at the same time; 8am until just after 9.

He started going there three days a week, but he’s built it up to five.

Originally, he had a referral from his nurse because his blood pressure was so high.

Regular exercise has helped his blood pressure and kept his weight on an even keel.

And he looks good too!

Brian Hole is another regular.

Aged 42 now, Brian has been going to the gym regularly since the age of 16!

This is the 27th year of renewal for him.

He started at the gym to keep fit for sports, especially rugby.

Now he works from home, and the gym gives him a reason to get up in the morning, instead of lying in bed longer!

Generally, Brian keeps to the same routine. It’s a habit. And it’s also a social event as he meets people there.

Brian enjoys his gym visits, but he thinks that it’s time the place had a bit of tweaking. Some of the equipment makes a mess of the walls and they could do with a coat of paint!

Tomorrow I’m going to my 2nd class. I’ll tell you all about it next week.