Frank 016 (Small)

Frank Quinn is a Personal Trainer.

He’s also Irish, fit and funny!

Frank, 42, lives in Uckfield with his wife, son aged five and daughter aged 14 months.

He used to be an English teacher, spending five years in London, three years in Quatar and two years in Tian Jin, China.

Back in England, he trained as a Personal Trainer, and he’s worked in Uckfield Leisure Centre for seven years.

I asked Frank the benefits of having a Personal Trainer.

He said, it helps you to stay motivated.

You know that the training you’re doing is right!

Frank 017 (Small)It helps to give you confidence – the Trainer knows what he’s talking about.

You have to make a commitment. If you’ve got an appointment, you turn up instead of postponing it till tomorrow.

(True. I got up at 6.45 to meet Frank at 8am.)

We started with Mobility Exercises as a warm-up. It warms up every muscle from head to toe.

Then we did some Body Weight exercises, like various types of press-ups.

You can even do press-ups standing up, against a wall.

Next came the Freeweight exercises, using weights.

Frank 018 (Small)I enjoyed the Body Weight suspension; the straps.

It reminded me of when I walked down a cliff in Israel.

It’s all about teaching people to move and sit better, which has a greater impact on their working life, etc.

He teaches everyone about trying to focus on their Posterior Chain Muscles, which stretch from their shoulders to their heels.

Most people concentrate on their Mirror Muscles – the ones they can see in the mirror!

Every morning Frank comes to work and leaves his daughter in the Leisure Centre crèche, which she loves.

Mums can leave their children there from 9.30-12 while they go to the gym.

Frank 022 (Small)The Leisure Centre is a Community Gym, with a varied selection of events for all ages.

‘Do you ever get bored’ I asked.

Frank told me that he loves it. He meets a complete range of personalities.

He gets people to work really hard and they thank him!