There are many ways to avoid having to face a challenge to one’s theories.
This tactic would do any corrupt politician proud.

This is the story of some stones that nearly sent a man to prison.

In 1966, Dr Javier Cabrera, of Ica, Peru, was given a stone by a poor local

You would not consider a stone to be much of a gift. Perhaps this villager,
just an average sort of man, did not value it very highly either. But to the
educated Dr Cabrera it did mean a lot.

You see, a fish was carved on that stone – and Dr Cabrera recognised it as
a long-extinct species. This aroused his curiosity. So much so that he went
looking for more such stones he could purchase from the farmer.

The village farmer explained that he had collected the stones down near the
river after a flood.

Over time, Dr Cabrera accumulated more and more of these strange, carved
stones. In fact, it wasn’t long before he had amassed thousands of them.

Eventually, word of these “Ica stones” and their potential importance
filtered out to the archaeological community.ica

The sophisticated carvings were as puzzling  as they were fascinating. Some
unknown person or persons had carved men fighting with dinosaurs, men
performing operations with surgical equipment and men with telescopes. The
stones also contained drawing, it was claimed, of “lost continents”.

A number of the stones were sent to Germany for examination. And there the
etchings were dated to remote antiquity.

But, of course, we all know, don’t we, that men could not have lived at the
same time as the dinosaurs?

Well, eventually the BBC heard of this discovery. It wasn’t long before they
swooped down to Peru – and the result was a documentary about these strange
Ica stones.

As might be expected, the media exposure ignited a storm of controversy.ica2
Archaeologists criticised the government of Peru for being lax in enforcing
their  antiquities laws.  (However, between you and me, that was not their
real concern.)

The next step was to apply pressure to government officials.

The villager who had been selling the stones to Dr Cabrera was arrested. To
his interrogators he claimed to have found the stones in a cave. However,
according to the authorities he refused to disclose the exact location to

I tell you, so artfully was this case taken care of, that it would be a
great credit to any corrupt politician.

The Peruvian government now threatened to prosecute and imprison the farmer.
They offered him a plea bargain. The frightened man accepted.  Then he
recanted his story and “admitted” that he had carved all of the stones
himself. Uneducated and unskilled as he was, he had “carved” all 11,000 of
the stones!

Of course, you understand that some of these stones were fairly large –ica3
not to mention that they were intricately carved with animals and scenes
that the poor farmer could never had knowledge of, unless he was a

And just think about this. Here was a poor man, who needed to earn a daily
living to support his dependents – yet, despite that, he would have needed
to spend every day for several decades and do nothing else, just to produce
this volume of carved stones.

Never mind, such underlying facts were neither here nor there. The Ica
stones were dubbed “hoax” and forgotten.

Handled this way, the case did not require any head-to-head confrontation.
There was no need for public discrediting of non-scientists by scientists.
The whole matter was disposed of with invisible pressure tactics.

Because it was filed away as a “hoax”, the difficult evidence of human
co-existence with dinosaurs and of ancient technological knowledge by the
ancient carvers never had to be dealt with.

How convenient!
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