“Oh, that’s just too much!” sniggered my
neighbour’s brother, when he told him about some
of our expeditions. “I have to meet this nut.”

So Brian brought him over.

“Are you telling me,” said Brian’s brother, “that
the ancient ones could really excavate such

“I have been into two of this tunnel systems myself.”

He looked at me. “Really?”

“You’d better believe it,” I responded. “My wife is
a witness. She went in with me.”

“But under the sea, as well?”

“But what’s the difference?” I asked. “If you are
away, deep underground, why not?”

Brian’s brother looked thoughtful. “Do you have
anything I can read while I’m here on holiday?”

“Sure, come over to the office.”

I’m glad to say that Brian’s brother was an honest
man. At least, he had an open mind. And that’s when
the truth can sink in.tunnel

Yes, there are, if we are to credit a number of
reports, such tunnels.

Not only that – but maps also, that track some of
these long forgotten tunnels not only beneath the
earth, but under the sea.

You may discover one running from Spain to Morocco.
Even some locals will admit that.

But you will probably agree those which penetrate
under the larger Atlantic and Pacific Oceans would
be more intriguing.

(See Dead Men’s Secrets, ch.19, items 22,37,47,50,
64,68,69 and p.205)

Of all responses to my book Dead Men’s Secrets, the
chapter on ancient tunnels has attracted the most

Naturally enough, the mention of large systems of
tunnels has elicited skepticism from some dear people.

You hear them ask, understandably enough, How could
the ancient races have had such technology?

Why haven’t we heard more about these tunnels? And if
it’s true, then why haven’t we, with all our advanced
technology, been able to accomplish something similar?
And so on.

In fact, a few dear folk have even accused me of making
it up.

Okay, I’ll come clean. For quite some time I found myself
agreeing with the tunnel skeptic that such ambitious
construction projects were beyond our capabilities.


From their appearance, it seemed that some of these tunnels
could not have been drilled except by some kind of thermal
drill or electron rays, which melted the rock but left
no debris.

Beyond our present capabilities?

I now have to turn this into a question… because it
seems very likely that we are catching up fast – and
we may have even caught up – to this particular
accomplishment of our ancestors.

Here is the truth: the technology for constructing
tunnels hundreds, even thousands, of feet below the
ocean floor does now exist.

The experience, the expertise, the machinery and the
trained personnel are available. And – for secret
government projects – even the money is no drawback.

You should bear in mind that the petroleum industry
routinely bores into the deep rock beneath the floor
of the ocean.


There is evidence available that existing tunnel
boring machines are capable of advancing even through
fractured rock at an average rate of five miles per year.

Given better conditions, it is well within the state of
the art to make advances through rock of ten or more
miles per year.

With only one machine and crew, a tunnel system 100 miles
long could definitely be constructed within a period of
10 to 20 years.

Employing five machines, 500 or more miles could
certainly be excavated within the same time period.

This capability is real. For example, in the early 1980s
a tunnel boring machine was used by the Pacific Gas and
Electric Company to bore a 24 foot 1 inch diameter,
22,000 foot long tunnel.

This was for construction of the Kerckhoff 2 Underground
Hydroelectric Power plant, about 30 miles north-east of
Fresno, California. Typical rates of progress were from
60 to 100 feet per day.

If one assumes 365 days of work per year, this would
achieve about 5½ miles of tunnel per year. (Edward R.
Kennedy, P.E., “The Kerckhoff 2 Underground Hydroelectric
Power Plant Project, A State-of-the-Art Application of a
Tunnel Boring Machine”, US National Committee on Tunneling
Technology, Tunneling Technology Newsletter, number 38,
June 1982)

At a meeting with government leaders of South Korea, the
then Japanese prime minister Yoshiro Mori proposed a 108
mile tunnel under the sea to link the two countries.


Mr Mori stated: “The construction is technically possible,
but the problem is money.” (India Times)

Richard Sauder, writing in Nexus, says, “The money to
carry out a secret project of this sort certainly exists
in the Pentagon’s ‘black budget’.

The requisite infrastructure of secrecy to carry out such a
project has been in place in the military-industrial
complex for decades now.

And there is even a paper trail that shows US Navy interest
in building manned bases deep below the ocean floor.”

All over the world there are mine tunnels that extend
offshore under the sea. (Shan-tung Lu, “Undersea Coal
Mining”, paper presented to the Department of Mining, College
of Mineral Industries; George E. Sleight, Transactions of
the Institution of Mining Engineers, vol. 112, pp.521-541;
J.T. Robertson, Canadian Mining Journal, December 1964,

A United states Navy document from 1966 forthrightly discusses
major military installations constructed beneath the sea bed.

It states that “Large undersea installations with a shirt-
sleeve environment have existed under the continental shelves
for many decade.”

The technology now exists, using off-the-shelf petroleum,
mining, submarine, and nuclear equipment, to establish
permanent manned installations within the sea floor that do
not have any air umbilical or other connection with the land
or water surface, yet maintain a normal one-atmosphere
environment within….

“…a Rock-Site installation consists of a room or series of
rooms, excavated within the bedrock beneath the sea floor,
using the in situ bedrock as the construction material.”


It should be noted that these “rooms” under the sea are
probably enormous.

An underground power plant in the Himalayan Mountains of
Bhutan is hundreds of feet long and over 100 feet high!

Lloyd A. Duscha, former Deputy Director of Engineering and
Construction for the US Army Corps of Engineers in Washington,
DC, said in a public speech:

“There are other projects of similar scope, which I cannot
identify, but which included multiple chambers up to 50 feet
wide and 100 feet high using the same excavation procedures…”

If you didn’t know, tunnelling under oceans, seas, bays and
estuaries has been done for a very, very long time, all over
the world, stretching way back at least into the 19th century,
if not before.

Undersea tunnels can stretch for miles and reach depths of
2,000 feet or more beneath the ocean floor.

Of course, today’s technology is far more powerful and
sophisticated than it was 50, 100 or 150 years ago. One can
only speculate as to how long, how deep and how elaborate
contemporary, clandestine, submarine tunnels might be.

And perhaps there exists an even more sophisticated tunneling
technology than what we are being told about.

After 30 years researching high technology, Norio Haykawa

“In 1950, we had some amazing tunneling machines, using
nuclear devices that could go 10 miles an hour melting the
hard, tougher rocks and creating tunnels.”

He refers to military tunnels allegedly linking facilities
in Nevada with others in California. (“The Prophecy Club”,
Secrets of Dreamland – video on top secret government
research centers)

Tunnels extending for long distances under land and sea?
Let’s get real. It happened in the past and it is happening

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