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Life is beautiful and funny if instead of just complaining about it, we start deeply looking at it. I recently lost a deep close person to my heart. The world around me started to feel so tight, I needed a moment away from people. I looked and I found a small farm which whoever owns it, made it a place for the people to visit. SignatureIt was not much but as in a city like Las Vegas, it was something. There were no employees there, it was a family of 4 taking care of it. It is called The McKee Ranch Foundation located on Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas. I didn’t ask question as when I went there, answers were not what I was running after but peace. But, I liked the idea of that kind of isolation.HDR Signature There was no entry fee, there were couple of buckets here and there for donations. The animals there are the usual animals we find in every farm except the number was huge. There are horses but most of them were not friendly so one should be careful walking or standing behind one of these horses, even more careful when trying to feed them. There are rabbits which were so cute and adorable. I haven’t seen any sheep or goats or cows. SignatureWhat triggered my attention were the birds family, the hens and chickens, the ducks and geese and the turkeys. Those were running around the place in groups, or better say in gangs as each family has a leader. Here is a funny story that I have witnessed when I was about to leave. There were pieces of flavored bread on a table put in plastic bags.

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The Turkey gang was the one following me and any visitor everywhere, so on my way out, the Turkeys somehow noticed that there was food hidden, so they dragged the bags off of the table and started digging in them. The geese and ducks, led by a full white duck were watching from a distance. Soon as the bread came out the bags, the white duck ran toward the Turkeys screaming at them to leave and the gang followed. I have never seen a Turkey running scared that fast. The family was feeding and the leader was proctoring and monitoring. Even I have been attacked when I tried to interfere to get the Turkeys their dignity back. c SignatureWe use the term “chicken” to refer to someone who is scared, not anymore for me. Out of nowhere, the chicken gang jumped in. They were organized. A group was causing destruction, pushing the ducks and gees to defend. The other group made of fast chicken sneak from behind the battle field, steal the bread and run back to their territory.a HDR Signature I could swear that one black chicken has some prison stealing training. During this chaos, birds and rabbits seized the opportunity to collect some war booty. Survival the fittest and smartest. That last scene made my day, I laughed all the way back home thinking, if that’s what happens in a small community, how would it be being in the jungle. The McKee Ranch Foundation is a place everyone should visit.Signature


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