With the Corona virus, people lived in shells. Today, after the unfortunate death of George Floyd, people are out on the streets, calling for their right to live. Their right to be human, their right to be different. Silence can be heard, but when it came to the ears of the government, silence means death. So people decided to speak, to lit a fire so they can be seen.

The US government is turning this Civil Right movement into a political race. A game of chess in which the pawns are being pushed to the battle field to create chaos, confusion then die. What is happening today reminds me of what happened in Tunisia in 2011 and afterward. Something to stimulate the awareness of the people has been turned into a filthy plan of who rules. I wish people would be more aware here because if not then George Floyd died for nothing. He will be just another victim of a corrupted system. The situation in North Carolina hasn’t yet escalated as in Minnesota and Washington. But since yesterday, shops are starting to close at around 5 pm, not even a minute after.
People are not afraid of death itself as much as they can be afraid of the reason of it. Worst is knowing that you are soon going to die without knowing exactly when. Covid-19 came to tell the people that anyone is opposed to death at any moment and the only way to avoid it, is some simple procedures which may or may not work. People started to live in terror even from one another but they still cared about each others at some points. No space or dash or pause between the events, and came the murder of George Floyd. A murder to remind people that they are going to die either ways, with or without a virus. Not only die but murdered. This time, there is no way to avoid death.

The only way to avoid being murdered in this case is not being human. To be more specific, not being black is what might prevent you from being brutally killed. Chaos is not God’s plan. We have to remember that this cause is not only about being discriminated. Is not only about George Floys being black. It is not only about his killer is white. It is more about being human. It is about not worrying about being ourselves.