North Carolina is one of the few american states that people excessively move to according to statistics. Soon as I moved to that state, the world went chaotic and as a result, I haven’t had the chance nor the time to explore it and figure out the major reasons behind this attraction. But, as any person who would visit North Carolina for a long or short stay, I have noticed some obvious features which might be of the reasons why people like it. First is the climate. The climate is unsteady and tricky. It can be raining, windy and hot at the same day but still nice. Everywhere is green in North Carolina which is something I really enjoyed here. They told me that North Carolina is rich of history and great people in different domains. I personally think that nature was behind the liberation of those great minds. Parks, lakes and rivers are everywhere. At that covid-19 era, no stress reliefer was better than a walk in a park. One day I went to one of those water parks and I couldn’t but to notice that all the people there are couples. It reminded me of the old days when we use to date in a park for that atmosphere of harmony. A walk in a park will feed the mind and the soul but empty the belly. In North Carolina, you see then you smell. The smell of the Barbeques will lock all the other senses. The world capital of Barbeque is what this state known with especially in Lexington. I still haven’t paid a visit to the most famous Barbeque places yet but I did taste one and it was formidable. My guess is, the greateness of food here is due to the combination of two factors. One is cooks are specialist, two is the ingredients as they come from farming. Talking about farming, North Carolina is known for growing Sweet Potatoes, Cotton and Tobacco. Cotton and Tobacco would make one think of slavery but North Carolina slogan is First in Freedom.