Covid-19 tightened the belt around people’s will. Everything is shutting down or closing way earlier than usual. No more crowd, no more rush. People are getting bored. May be that’s a chance for you and the person you love to change. I consider this virus as Nature’s revival. May be it is time to step away from the fuss of life that is tearing us apart. May be it is the time to look for serenity, to talk, to rebuild that passion that we once had when we first met the ones we love. Where someone can possibly go? May be a park? A lake? On a boat, a raft, with a soulmate, or a friend? I can’t float for some reason, so, for me to be with someone on a boat, that is me trusting that person with my life. If you need to get together with your family outside the house for a cookout or something, let the kids get busy playing while you share life experiences and talking about what’s new, or talk about other people without worrying that someone is listening. If you feel like going fishing with your buddy, talking about the old good days when life was simple, when you were single, when everything had a good taste even the air. If you live in North Carolina, as a new comer, I found the place that gather all these fantasies ; Cane Creek Camping Park. On the 70s, it was a voluntary initiation from the people mostly who live around, to create the park. The government had no intervention of course until it was well-maintained. They shaped the lake sides, then built different stuff from the woods in the area. And by collaboration, they developed it. Two kids playgrounds that I am aware of were constructed. Boats and pedals were bought for rent. Well, rent is basically a $10 guarantee to be refunded for the boat and the life jackets when they brought back. Last thing was paving the main roads of it, and making three big parking spots for visitors. This could tell how big is this park. A lot of people were there which was unusual at this time of season for the visitors. But since parks are probably the only place to go to because of the corona virus, that much of people is no longer unusual. Not at this point anyway, as this park and few others were shutdown until further notice. Talking about that, as a travel writer, sometimes I get confused as what to write about since everything is shutdown. But still, this is where we learn how to be creative. If you are physically locked, free your mind and soul. If your mind and soul are free, you are free. That would be my advice to the people who are in deep panic of that virus. For the other people, go visit that park. It is refreshing.