sagittariusWow, 193 readers yesterday, and we’re less than a fortnight old, and not officially launched until early January!
Why this immediate interest in B-C-ing-U!?
Because it’s fresh, new, needed, and fills a large gap in the struggling magazine world. Everyone’s very positive about its future.
The combination of Webitor Gareth and Queen-B me is a Media Match made in Heaven. I’m a mad Sagittarian and Gareth’s a down-to-earth Capricorn.
I Compose and Create, then shoot my Ideas Arrows (and I’m a good shot!) into the air and Gareth the Goat Catches, Chews, Cogitates, Corrects and Copies.
Other writers are Carefully Contemplating and Considering what to send us. We’re going to be very selective, keeping a tight rein on the Content!
As a Sagittarian, I can’t stand routine. My favourite C word is probably Change, with Chances and Challenges following closely behind.
capricornI’m lucky to finally be doing the things that I love – Travel, Cookery, Crafts, and of course, Writing – as a business, not just as a hobby. And the best thing about it is that I learn something new every day. And I meet lots of interesting, like-minded new friends.
A day without learning is a wasted day in my eyes. I’m not an ‘I know’ person. I’m more of an ‘Oo, that’s interesting!’
What have I learnt already today?
I’ve looked at the magazine this morning and realised that my first sentence is very important as that’s what catches the reader’s eye, closely followed by the photo.
Note to self; Check those first few words and try to polish them up before submitting the article to my Webitor!
OK, I’ve read and re-read this Composition and I’m happy with it. In fact, it’s not bad for a Sunday morning. So off it goes………..!