After some rather busy few months, this week got more back to normal, still loads of calls but everything was more ordinary and routine, which was quite useful.

I had to undertake a rescue at my own home this week after I left a window open and a pigeon decided to fly in and take up residence. The pigeon had made himself home up on a beam in my living room.  I opened the two windows, pulled the curtains across to block the other windows, then disturbed the perched pigeon who swiftly flew round the round and straight out the window.

Saturday we had two swans come into care. The first was an adult from West Rise in Eastbourne. The swan was underweight and going through a severe moult. Every year swans moult around July time. Some years they moult more than others. This particular swan was going through a severe moult and when this happens they get very lethargic and run down. The second swan was just a cygnet from Leeds Ave Eastbourne, but what people call a “Polish” swan or leucistic, where the normal grey fluffy feathers of the youngster are much whiter in colour.  This beautiful cygnet came in with an injured leg. He was spotted as he was the only one on the nest when everyone else was out swimming it was clear something was wrong. Both swans have now been transferred up to the Swan Sanctuary to be with other swans and help them heal.

13438908_1190339121010989_4678922420438159519_nThank you to everyone who came to see us at the 999 Emergency Services Display on Eastbourne Seafront at the weekend.  The weather could have been kinder and less windy but we raised lots of money for WRAS none-the-less.  We are at the Uckfield’s Big Day Out on Saturday 9th July on Luxford Fields just off the Town Centre.

We have had a young tawny owl come into care from Ringmer, after it was attacked by crows and other birds. There is something very odd about this bird and although we can’t be sure, it appears as if someone has hand reared the bird and released it. It is underweight, fairly tame, prefers cat food over its normal diet. We are going to try and wild-up the owl by introducing him to two others currently in care in the hope we can release him still.

Friday night last week saw our Assistance Casualty Manager Katie, Rescue Manager Chris and I at our Casualty Centre till gone 1am.  Katie delivered an injured wood pigeon and a hedgehogs from Bexhill and Chris delivered a road casualty fox cub.  The suffering young wood pigeon had a wound to its chest so I rushed down to assess its condition and give emergency first aid. He was patched up for the night and reassessed by our vet in the morning. We are trying with this poor bird but only time will tell whether the wound will heal well enough.  The hedgehog was severely dehydrated, emaciated, hypothermic and had an abscess on its forehead as well as damaged to its jaw. The poor creature was very wobbly and ill. We were able to give emergency medication and fluids and we are working with our vet to treat him.  Sadly the young fox died, not helped by the emergency veterinary clinic refusing to see it and insisting that that we were called instead despite being further away.

13567427_1190448781000023_837223498090929001_nWe lost our fight with a severely  emaciated young badger which came into care just after 10pm  after being found on a driveway in Bexhill. Rescuers Chris and Katie rushed to the badger and on arrival it was clear she was not in a good way. Weighing just 3.5kg she was very thin indeed. After being given first aid she has now been bedded down for the night by sadly passed away the following day.
We have been down and checked on the Hampden Park cygnets again. We caught two of them and they are a really good weight, looking strong, and faecal analysis has not shown any signs of parasites do hopefully our efforts to treat them early has worked and they will get to spend the entire summer with their parents at the lake.

If you have a fatball feeder please check it and ensure the lid is not missing and the lid is securely shut and can’t be knocked open. We had a blackbird to cut free this week after it became stuck in a squirrel proof fat ball feeder. The lid had been knocked open allowing the bird to get inside and became stuck as it couldn’t turn round. Please reconsider using such feeders.

We have had an old friend come back into care this week. “Mince Pie” is a hedgehog who we first in care in December 2013 she stayed with us for a few months as too small to hibernate.  She was released in Clemintine Ave and found last week in Vale Road Seaford.  Pet Doctors in Seaford looked after her for the first couple of days before passing her over to WRAS. Since release Mince Pie has lost a rear leg but it has healed in the wild naturally and seems to be doing well, but has come in as a result of an ear infection. Talking of hedgehogs, we have had our first baby hedgehogs of the season in need of rescue. They have only just been admitted so more on them next week.

13439149_1187241047987463_7731068314087589217_npigeon,swansThree of our juvenile foxes  have been returned back to the wild this week. Two of them were returned back to where found the third has been soft released at a new location. Check out our facebook page and You Tube Channel to see videos and photos of their releases and other recent rescues too.



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