Fire and Ambulance crews lift Trevor out of the water

Fire and Ambulance crews lift Trevor out of the water

Our apologies if we have not been able to help a few people this week. I had an accident out on a rescue which put me in hospital and the knock on effect has caused us to struggle dealing with some calls. I must express my thanks to the emergency services for helping me out on Tuesday night last week after my fall whilst trying to rescue a fox at Wick Street, near Hailsham. I don’t remember much about the whole incident, apart from be in such pain, shaking so much and Chris mentioning something about fish in the water swimming round us! It scared the hell out of me.  I was so glad that I had already called Chris to support me on the rescue, and pleased I put my hard hat on too. I started preparing the rescue and I used a ladder to climb down to the stream bed but lost my footing felt from the ledge, hit by head on the bridge wall and ended up on rocks in the water.   I felt so nauseous and was really worried I might pass out, and if I fell forward I would potentially drown. I managed to phone Chris and just about managed to explain I had fallen. I tried to move myself backwards to a different position and that’s when my pelvis screamed at me in one of the worst pains I have ever felt.  I was soaking wet now, but luckily it was not a cold night, but none-the-less I was starting to shake and this just made the pain worse. I tried dialling 999 but I struggled to press the buttons on the phone. My chest and back hurt and I started to panic I was having a heart attack for someone, so many thoughts and feeling rushed through my mind. You try to make sense of it all, over think what is happening, and the fear makes it impossible to act rationally when you really need to.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service as well as the South East Coast Ambulance Service were amazing. I had no idea how many people and resources were involved but from what Chris has explained to me since I am so grateful to them for all they did getting me out of the water safety and carefully.  I am so appreciative of everyone who was involved. I can’t have been easy but especially my WRAS colleagues and friends Christopher  Riddington and his partner Laura Carrick for being there for me. Collecting Kathy and bringing her down to see me at the Royal Sussex County Hospital at Brighton.  This situation must have been so frightening for them.

Road Casualty Fox

Road Casualty Fox

I am very lucky not to have come away with worse injuries and with nothing fractured. I’m on crutches at the moment but improving. Thank you to everyone at the Hospital for being so kind and helpful and also to everyone at WRAS’s Casualty Centre who covered especially Lindsay, Katie, Amy and Dave. It was SO reassuring that I didn’t have to worry about all the casualties.

So to all those people who have been pushing us and demanding that we help and criticising that we don’t do enough, this is the result. We are not super human, and we can’t do everything. We will try our best but when we are pushed so much like we are now, mistakes and accidents like will happen.  It is so difficult to say no because you are exhausted but we aren’t super human.

On brighter note, we’re pleased to see the Hampden Park cygnets seem to be doing well. We hope to check them over again soon.  We will probably catch a couple of them and check their weights and ensure they are developing properly. If we find any problems we will either try to catch them all again or treat and release.

A poorly fox cub was brought in to care just after midnight last week. WRAS Rescue Manager Chris was on his way home and spotted a car with hazards on and noticed something was lying on the road. Chris put the ambulance beacons on and partially blocked the road using it as a shield whilst he attended the stricken fox. Luckily Sussex Police were in the traffic jam that this little one had created and offered assistance until the cub was secured. The youngster was given emergency first aid and is now resting at the centre. Thank for the kind driver for stopping to check and alerting Chris to the animal and Sussex Police for the help.

The Hampden Park Cygnets

The Hampden Park Cygnets

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