Everybody loves a Land Rover because they are in two simple words ‘brilliant machines’. Right from the beginning in 1948 it has been the iconic symbol for anyone who wanted a vehicle that could not only be used as a regular car – but could also take part in your everyday life for whatever task you put in its path – let’s face it, the Land Rover is pretty much a one size fits all machine for people from all walks of life. They say ‘everyone at some point in their life will be famous for 5min’s – I say everyone at some point in their life will have either owned or at least had some sort of interaction with a Land Rover at some point and of course the Queen owns one and I also happen to know a lady who takes part in Midwifery who owns one too.

The simple fact here is this; if it has a Land Rover badge then you can be certain that what you are looking at is at the heart of everything British.

Power and Efficiency:

The Discovery Sport was fitted with a 2.0L TD4 Diesel engine – with 180bhp and 430Nm of Torque. I have spoken many times about this brilliant engine. I can’t fault it really because it just does everything you ask of it without any drama. Remember the Discovery Sport weighs 1,884kg and still managed 40mpg. If you are interested it has a top speed of 117mph and 0-62 is around 8.4sec. CO2 EU Combined (g/km) 139. If you are a farmer or a person who does a lot of off-road – then you will be very interested to read that it also has an obstacle clearance of 212(mm) and a wading depth of 600(mm).

On the road:

Just like its brothers & sisters – it does on or off-road brilliantly. Land Rover has the ability to make a machine handle well no matter what the road surface is doing below. I found the ride soft but also controlled. For a large car – the Sport was brilliant and I felt no sense of body roll and the steering felt direct and precise. This is not a car that will leave you marooned when you go off road either. If you do decide to take it for an adventure – then be prepared to be astonished as to what the Discovery Sport can do.

1056878_Discovery_Sport_Phoenix_018Design and Interior:

Land Rover have done a good job making the Discovery Sport stand out in a crowd – many people who I met over the week I tested the Sport- told me that it was better looking than its big brother the mighty Range Rover. I would not argue with that to a point truth be told. As with all Land Rovers now – inside is kitted out to be fit for a ‘King’ with more luxuries than a penthouse suite at The Savoy. The leather is perfectly stitched and every button or control feels like it has been precision made just for you.


I also like the seating in the back and so did my children. There was plenty of ted