In the western United States, ruins exist in southern California, Colorado,
Arizona and Nevada, in which the radiated heat was so intense as to
liquify the rock surface.

In 1850, Ives Walker was the first to view some of the Death Valley ruins.
He discovered a city about a mile long , with the lines of streets and the
positions of buildings still visible.

At the centre he found a huge rock, 20 to 30 feet high, with the remains
of an enormous structure atop it. The south side of both rock and building
was melted and vitrified.

An associate reported: “The whole region between the Gila and San Juan
Rivers, is covered with remains. The ruins of cities . . .which must be
most extensive, and they are burnt out and vitrified in part, full of fused
stones and craters caused by fires which were hot enough to liquify rock or
metal. There are paving stones and houses torn with monstrous cracks.”

It is not known who the inhabitants were.The early settling in North America
occurred in two waves, the first corresponding with the early post-Flood
mapping of the earth, and the second around 2200 BC, soon after the Babel

We would place the most likely time for the cities’ destruction to be in the
period 2000 to 1000 BC.death5

If an unknown post-Flood civilization was indeed destroyed by fire in
western North America, we would expect that such a holocaust would have
been imprinted on the memory of those who survived, to be told and retold
to the successive generations.

And this is precisely what we do find.

Mexican writings, speak concerning a past event in U.S.A territory:
The Popul Vuh, reputedly the oldest historical text of the ancient Maya,
describes the destructive effects (unfortunately quite recognizable to us
after Hiroshima) of a fire from the sky that put out eyes and decomposed
flesh and entrails. Great cities to the north (i.e., in the territory of
what is today the U.S.A.) were destroyed.

Canadian Indians, speak concerning a past event in U.S.A territory:
Canadian Indians speak of “men who flew upon the skies” and had shining
cities and grand homes “to the south” (i.e., in what is today the U.S.A.).
Then an enemy nation came “and there was terrible destruction. All life in
the cities was gone—nothing but silence remained.”death2

Indians resident in today’s U.S.A. territory recall:
Hopi Indians recount that “some of these of the Third World” flew to a
great city, attacked it and returned so quickly that the inhabitants did
not know where their attackers came from. Soon many nations flew to attack
one another. “So corruption and destruction came.”

Here we see a consistency between three ancient reports – one from the
north of the affected region, one from the south, and the third from actually
within the same region. Such testimony is not to be dismissed lightly.
Okay, then… did you know that archaeology impacts on prophecy, as
well – even on events which are future to our day?

In fact, astronomy… archaeology… and prophecy… They are all now

Did you know that a 6th century BC document written in Iraq (that’s
archaeology) predicted world events right up to the attempt to unite
Europe – as well as its subsequent failure?death3

I’ve been pondering on how to put all this together – along with
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1. ANCIENT SECRETS –  (c.60 mins.)
* Surprising Discoveries in lost cities of the dead.
* China’s secret pyramids.
* Egypt’s royal tomb shock.
* Lost technology.
* Ancient skeletons radioactive.
* Mystery tunnels where doors snap shut behind you.
* City of the dead, that no outsider saw for 1,500 years.

* The IMPOSSIBLE discovery in the Earth’s foundation rocks: Stunning,
beautiful polonium haloes frozen into granite.
* Did you know that the radioactive decay of primordial polonium can
ast only a few minutes? But if granites originated in a molten state
and cooled over millions of years, such radioactive haloes could never
have been captured – they would have decayed long before the rock
* Dr Gentry’s startling scientific evidence of – hold your breath –
an instant creation of the Earth!!!
* Before saying no, no, no – you’d better see this! You may never
think the same again. This discovery  has been put to the world’s
leading scientists – and they are dumbfounded.

3. HOW YOUNG IS THE EARTH? – (76 mins.)
* Amazing scientific evidence that the sedimentary layers comprising
the Grand Canyon were deposited quickly instead of slowly
* Startling scientific data that granites, the foundation rocks of
the Earth, formed rapidly instead of by slow cooling
* Astonishing evidence that coal and oil can form rapidly, and did
so recently
* That dinosaurs lived not millions of years ago, but recently
* Where does all this leave our popular evolution theory?
* See for yourself Dr Gentry’s breathtaking bombshells

* In this suspense filled presentation Drs Robert and David Gentry
reveal the amazing astronomical discovery that the universe has a
nearby centre that can be identified.
* Many wonder: Is the universe a cosmic accident?
* Or is there a heretofore undeciphered message in the sky from the
Creator Himself?
* Your head will spin at this cutting edge discovery!

5. SECRETS OF THE PYRAMIDS – (c.60 mins.)
* Amazing scientific discoveries about the Great Pyramid
* And astonishing prophecies carried by all the major civilizations
of antiquity concerning a coming Messiah.
* Discover the man who wrote his own autobiography before he was
born.  Yes, his AUTO-biography! Impossible? You’d better see this
before you dismiss it.
* Have you heard of the most amazing day in history – when 40
prophecies were fulfilled in 24 hours?
* Yes, I agree, this is uncanny… startling… breath-taking information.
And it may even lead you to wonder: Does an unseen hand move in our
affairs today?

6. EUROPE’S COMING COLLAPSE – (c.60 mins.)
* Is something really big soon to occur in Europe and the world?
* Learn of the persistent prophecy that powerful men have tried to
break – and WHY.
* Discover 7 fateful words that seal the future.
* Know WHY the European Community will collapse.
* This surprising prophecy begins in Iraq… and it’s a biblical
prediction sealed by subsequent  historical events.

* Are malicious entities posing as aliens from outer space?
* Do these entities have an agenda?
* What are UFOs – really?
* Where are they from?
* What about abductions? (Only one class of people on earth is
exempt. Who are they?)
* Did aliens really bring civilization to Planet Earth?
* Who are the sinister Legion of Lucifer?
* What is the occult connection?
* How you can survive the plotted takeover.

* See the “gleaming gateway to paradise” – photographic beauties of
the gigantic “open space” corridor in the nebula of Orion – see
undreamed of glories in the skies you will never forget.
* A colossal city in space?
* Is there a Heaven – if so, what and where is it?
* Is there an after-life?
* Will we know each other?
* Will people be real, with flesh and bones?
* How will you spend your time?
* Information to thrill your soul… and give you hope for your

* Alleged sightings – fact or fake?
* FRESH RED BLOOD CELLS found in dinosaur remains – what does this
* Also: Learn about the discovery that’s toppling evolution.
* Thrill to the amazing DNA code’s “sentences”  and “instruction
books” – identical to human language
* Was there really a clever plot to use “evolution” to destroy
Western society?
* Learn of the scientific bombshell that is set to devastate

– (c. 60 mins.)
* Archaeology confirms a most amazing event-by-event ancient
* Discover prophecies 2,000 years old, that are coming to pass AT
* A million city folk die – and a small group is saved by acting on
a prophecy.
* And the prophecy continues, step by step… What is ahead, for our
day? This will make your spine tingle.
* Does this prophecy have apocalyptic implications?
* A dead body… a torn curtain… and a rabbi’s curse.
* Learn about a prophecy, uncanny in its fulfilment, that religious
leaders tried desperately to suppress.
* Discover an event that was prophesied in the Hebrew writings to
the precise year… month… day… and hour
– 600 years before it happened.
* Jonathan Gray’s challenge to every skeptic: disprove this
astonishing prophecy if you can!

* How to influence your boss… your spouse… and others around you…
with this forgotten, but proven success
* Something else: what is all this talk we hear about being born
again? Can one really be born again? It sounds weird. But is but
possible? If so, how?
* “Saved” and “lost” – what on earth do these terms mean… really?
Okay, let’s discover 9 ways to tell if you’re one or the other.
* And here are some practical tips on day-to-day living: How to
unlock the key to spiritual success.

So there you have it, Lyn – some very non-mainstream stuff –
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I guarantee you, some of the information in these 12 DVDs will leave
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