qumramIn 1947, a Bedouin shepherd wandered the hills of Qumran in
search of a missing sheep.

He threw a stone into a cave, hoping to drive the lost animal
outside. Instead, the sound of shattered pottery drew the
shepherd inside the cave.

There he stumbled on one of the greatest archaeological finds
of the 20th century: the Dead Sea Scrolls.

In the years that followed, archaeologists found eleven caves
and more than 900 documents here at Qumran. But one scroll was
different from all the rest.

Instead of leather or parchment, it was made entirely of copper,
and it could be the greatest treasure map in history.


The Copper Scroll describes a hidden cache of gold and silver
buried in more than 60 locations throughout Israel.

The monetary value is close to $3 billion, but the historical
value is priceless.

The only place in ancient Israel with that much wealth was the
Jewish Temple.

Stephen Pfann was one of the editors of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

“This is a tremendous witness to history,” he said. “To
actually have a list of treasures from the temple itself from
the first century is just amazing.”

It was cave number 3 at Qumran, where the Copper Scroll was
hidden for nearly 2,000 years.

“You can actually see the place where the Copper Scroll was
found,” Pfann said.


“Well, the copper scroll had to be written just immediately
before the destruction of the temple,” Pfann explained.

“It actually fits the glove perfectly for these people known
as the Zealots, who were the priestly group, who were holding
down the temple, who were keeping it from the Romans in the
best way possible.

Before they were massacred, they left things behind in caves
here in Qumran,” he said

Some of their hiding places are easy to find on a modern map
like Jericho, the Valley of Achor, and Mount Gerizim.

Others are more cryptic, such as:
* “Solomon’s Canal,” which contains a stash of silver
* a well in Milham where garments for the high priest
were hidden, or
* Matia’s Courtyard, where more than 600 gold and
silver temple vessels were buried.


“The instruction on the scroll is like a kids’ treasure map
in a way;

“They’re talking about caves, they’re talking about tombs,
they’re talking about aqueducts and pools that were known to
them at the time – probably with aliases of names applied to
these places so that only those people who are part of the
inner circle would know where to go, how many steps to go
away and where to find the temple treasure that was buried
in that spot.” said Pfann.

The scroll’s language is a mystery in itself.

Some passages use a style of Hebrew that’s 800 years older
than the scroll itself. Adding to the puzzle is a series of
random Greek letters.

Pfann said, “It kind of freezes in time the language to
around 70 AD to what the Hebrew language looked like among
the common people of that time.


Pfann says anyone looking for it today is about 2,000 years
too late.

“In my mind, most if not all of these were actually found
by the Romans under the point of the sword … And we do know
that Titus used the booty to build the Colosseum in Rome.
It says so on the Colosseum. You can actually see the
impression of the letters, ‘this was built with the booty,'”
Pfann said.

“If there’s any treasure left, there would have been small
parts that might not have been found that still lie out
there ready for people to find today. We don’t know,” he

The scroll’s last line hints at an even greater treasure,
“In a dry well at Kohlit… a copy of this document with its
explanation…and an inventory of each and every thing.”

What’s interesting is that there were actually two treasure
maps that were made.

Line 64 of the copper scroll is the most fascinating of all
– hard to decode but quite compelling.


Is the second scroll still out there somewhere?  And it
could be the key to an important archaeological prize?

Ancient Jewish writings say the ark and other first temple
treasures were hidden by priests before the invasion of
the Babylonians.

Their locations were inscribed on a tablet of copper.

Although the Ark of the Covenant has now been located
(see my best-selling book Ark of the Covenant –
http://www.beforeus.com/abook.html) , this key scroll
describing its location has never been found. No one has
any idea where it is.


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