Did you hear what happened to Al Coster, the renegade
science teacher?

He was home with his wife and children. Then suddenly
there was a sound outside.

“Al!” she screamed. “There’s someone in our garage!”

Gloria almost dropped the frypan. “Get out there

As he swung open the door, Al saw a shadow fleeing
down the driveway. It disappeared into the dark.

He felt for the light switch. A quick survey seemed
to indicate everything was okay. He looked over his
Toyota. Then his eyes fell upon the petrol intake.
It was open. The cap was on the floor.

He picked it up and screwed it back on.

“Probably someone trying to steal petrol,” he
mumbled to Gloria.man2

“You forgot to lock the garage?” she asked

Al spent the rest of the evening preparing for
tomorrow’s science lessons. He loved his job at
Thornton High School. Those pupils were so


The next morning, Al Coster was late. His car engine
spluttered… and simply refused to go.

He picked up the receiver.

“Thornton High School,” purred the voice on the other

“Pennie, may I speak to Greg Ryan?” he asked.

“Yes, Mr Coster. I’ll put you through.”

“What’s up, Al?”

“Someone’s filled my petrol tank with sugar. I’ll
need to get it cleaned out.”

“I’ll have Frank supervise your morning classes,”
said Greg. “When you get in, come to my office.”


“Al,” said the principal two hours later. “You’re in
serious trouble. I’ve received more complaints. Those
swipes of yours against evolution theory will have to
stop… or you’ll be out of a job.

“I’d hate to lose you. You’re the best. But there’sman3
no place in the education system for alternate views.

“Some people have freaked out about your ‘intelligent
cause’ comments.  It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s
why your petrol tank was sabotaged.”

Al breathed hard. “Greg, don’t our kids deserve all
the options? You and I both know evolution is no more
than a theory. If there are other possibilities, then
shouldn’t our kids be given the chance to know about
those also… Is it ethical to push one theory
exclusively and suppress the rest?”

Greg frowned. “You’re paid to teach evolution.”

He pushed a sheaf of papers aside and a paper weight
cluttered to the floor.

“Look,” said Al, “I don’t know how to put this any
gentler, Greg. Evolution is one of the most elaborate
frauds of this generation.”

“Come off it, man! It’s science.”

Al exhaled. “Evidence suggests otherwise.”

“Evidence? What evidence?

“Are you prepared to look into it personally?

“Yeah, I’d better do that. The school board has
called for an enquiry. You could even be fired.”
Said Greg.

“Right. How about this evening? Gloria will have
dinner for you.”

Greg perked up his ears. Gloria was a good cook. And
Al lived only five minutes’ walk from the beach. Greg
put out his hand. “I’ll be there,” he said with a

So what was Al on about? Well, for one thing, it
appears he had latched on to this thing called


You are familiar with the yucca plant? Each species
of yucca has its own species of pronuba moth.

The flower is so constructed that it can only be
pollinated by this particular moth – and this moth
cannot lay eggs that will survive unless it first
pollinates the yucca flower.

The yucca flowers in a given locality DO NOT BLOOM
EVERY YEAR. Meanwhile the moths remain dormant in
the pupa stage.

But at the IDENTICAL MOMENTt the buds open, at that
same PRECISE moment the pronuba moths break out of
their cocoons beneath the sand, struggle up into the
air, and immediately go through a specific order of
events which has to be exact for the yucca plant to

Let’s take a hypothetical date. On August 14, 2006,
at precisely 8.15 am, Yucca Species FX opens its

Again, at some distance away, on August 14, 2006 at
8.15 am, Pronuba Moth species FX breaks out of its
cocoon below ground, pushes up to the surface, flaps
its wings, then heads straight to the new yucca
flowers – so that both species can survive.

Now, here is what Al was asking: How on earth did
both species evolve separately to perform this
inter-dependent “rope trick” at the same moment?

He was asking, Does this not suggest intelligent
outside planning? An Intelligence outside both of

Just think of
1. the intricate, complimentary, parallel design of
each, and
2. the split-second timing between these two
identical shapes in widely different types.


According to Al, this two-fold independent, yet
inter-dependent, phenomenon tests the evolution
theory to breaking point.

And there are countless other similar examples, in
nature, of creatures which could not exist without
each other.

And here was the crunch as Al saw it. Long periods
of time with separate existence does not fit the
facts of nature as they are today. In other words, Al
was saying that separate evolution didn’t make sense.

No wonder Al was in the firing line!

But that was only scratching the surface. What he had
discovered was too much to fill an email like this.
Emails are woefully inadequate when it comes to a
subject of this size.

So if you would like to pursue this further, here is
where to continue:

You’ll find this a fascinating adventure.

Warm regards

Jonathan Gray

International explorer, archaeologist and author
Jonathan Gray has traveled the world to gather
data on ancient mysteries. He has penetrated
some largely unexplored areas, including parts
of the Amazon headwaters. The author has also
led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to
remote mountain and desert regions of the world.
He lectures internationally.

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