By Susan Duclos 

From the stock market plunge to “rare” weather phenomenon like the recent January hurricane there has been no shortage of alarming news in January, but the events that seem to have caught peoples attention the most are strange and still unexplained “sounds” being reported in the news, seen on videos coming out of the U.S., Canada, Norway, Poland, Scotland and the Netherlands.

Loud booms described as “explosions,” with one witness stating in the compilation of news clips below that it sounds like a “cannon” going off, yet when these people, who report their houses literally shook and rattled, go to look, they find nothing. Officials cannot unearth an explanation either as with the most recent case in Fair Lawn,  New Jersey, where reports indicate that residents are nervous after being “plagued by loud booming sounds for about a week.”

Fair Lawn Mayor John Cosgrove confirmed PG&E had nothing to do with it, and said the noises are a mystery.

“I’ve had everything from people telling me about fireworks to aliens,” Cosgrove said.

So Cosgrove has extra officers deployed — more eyes and ears for when whatever it is disturbs the peace again.

While NJ is just the latest example of these types of reports, the compilation piece by Jason A (second video below) shows strange and mysterious noises or sounds in multiple portions of Florida, Georgia, Texas, Oregon, Wisconsin, and on January 13, 2016, in California, which lasted “all night.”

Then we have the increasing frequency of the “sky trumpets” which has caused massive internet chatter of late, specifically the reports of the Netherland event where NLTimes states “Strange sounds heard across the Western Netherlands over the past few weeks has the internet community speculating on what on earth, or outside it, the noises could be. The sounds were heard in Gouda, Pijnacker and Bleiswijk, among others..”

A popular online theory is, of course, aliens. Another theory blames experiments by the American army. A professor Khalilov from Azerbaijan thinks it may be caused by powerful eruptions from the sun or “powerful energetic processes” from the bowels of the earth.

Those reports are not just happening in the Netherlands but as seen in the video below, there have been multiple reports of the haunting trumpet-sounding phenomena in just this past week of January, in Canada, Singapore, Norway and Poland.

One extremely weird event in Scotland on January 14, 2016 includes unusual sounds that no one seems able to even describe, with the question on the screen asking “what is this eerie noise?”

At the end Jason offers up a couple of images that have gone viral this past week as well, one of which being the “sky angel” shown at the top of this article and another being a sunrise forming a cross.



While there has been some chatter that the cross image was originally taken in December, it apparently just went viral in January.

From the bowels of the earth to the clouds in the sky, these types of reports of unusual sounds and sights are happening with increasing frequency worldwide, which Jason refers to as “Scary Earth changes,” in his title and asks “WHAT IS IT?, in the YouTube detail section.

A variety of people can hear the same sound and describe it differently, just as many who listen will interpret what is happening across the globe in various manners, but many believe we are seeing signs of the last days spoken about in the Bible.

Let us know what you think the sounds are and what you think it all means, in the comment section below.