Amussie versatility… not only a great tree climber and runner  – also a fantastic swimmer!!
I Thought this happening with one our Koalas on the Gold Coast might interest you. I Always thought they were placid and half drugged with the Eucalyptus leaves!
Flinders Beach on North-West side of Straddie a couple of days ago.  Koalas seem fairly tame over here.
003We passed two sitting in she-oaks each about 2M off the ground.  Not spooked at all by attention.

004Then, about half way along the beach we saw this young fellow actually running up and down the beach, and playing around the kids like a puppy!

005As for me, I have now lived in Australia for the past 45 years. Leaving the R/Sussex in 1969, went to Malta for 3 years but could not cope with bad wages. Emigrated here with my wife and daughter in 1973 and have never looked back.

006We have two girls and one boy (obviously now in their 35/40’s) and have 7 grandchildren 6 boys and 1 girl ranging from 3years to 15.

007Been back to Malta about four times but can’t afford it at the moment with the Aussie dollar.

I was the first recruit to join the R/Sussex Regiment in Malta.

Mario Buttigieg.