“Do you think there was television 3,000 years ago?” said Rexsky
Boucher, as we got into the car.

“Maybe,” I mumbled. “But have you heard of the ancient ‘magic
mirrors’ that transmitted pictures like television?

“Or the book containing pictures that appear, then just vanish?
You look through the book. You see the pictures. Then, with a
wave of the hand, the pictures are gone?”

“Tell me more,” coaxed Rex.

“Well, it does seems inescapable that there were some wonders like
that in the past. In fact…”

Just then, I looked up.

The night sky was brilliant with stars. And suddenly my eye caught
one of them moving.

“Look, Rex. What do you think,” I asked, “Is that a satellite?”


“Just there – going across the belt of Orion. See?”

“Yes,” said Rex. “I believe it is. And that’s technology for you.
Scores of satellites overhead at this moment that havea resolution
that can read the print on a postage stamp lying on the ground.


“You are aware, of course, they can track us, listen to our
conversations and watch our movements?”

Rex started getting wound up about this. “Satellites now orbiting
the earth are linked to equipment which already can monitor every
telephone call you make or receive.

“And how about this, intelligence agencies now monitor every local
and long distance phone call worldwide… every one of them!

“Did you know, their supercomputers listen for 400 key words.sky2

“If you unknowingly say certain key words, then they down load it
and it is listened to by a human. Of course, if you don’t use those
words, no one ever listens.”

Rex was right. If you didn’t know, in the United States, the
Justice Department is today swallowing an overwheming amount of
information about almost 100 million households; also information
about all toll calls made from hundreds of thousands, perhaps
millions, of telephones; information from the private conversations
of almost one million individuals in just one recent year.

Even as early as 1990, computers in the FBI inventory could handle
203 MIPS (million instructions per second).

How many times when you replace the phone on the hook do you
realise that the actual telephone is still on when you hang up?

There are devices which intelligence agencies use, by which
they dial a code. Your phone doesn’t ring, but everything in
your office or home can be heard and recorded.

An article in Nexus magazine, titled “No Place to Hide From State-
of-the-Art Satellites”  (August-September 2001 issue), citing
Pravda, July 14, 2001, observed:

“Unknown to most of the world, satellites can perform astonishing
and often menacing feats…

“A spy satellite can monitor a person’s every movement, even when
the ‘target’ is indoors or deep in the interior of a building or
travelling rapidly down a highway in a car, in any kind of weather
(cloudy, rainy, stormy).

“There is no place to hide on the face of the earth. It takes just
three satellites to blanket the world with detection capacity.

“Besides tracking a person’s every action and relaying the data to
a computer screen on earth, the amazing powers of satellites
include being able to read a person’s mind, monitor conversations,
manipulate electronic instruments and physically assault someonesky3
with a laser beam.”

As you very well know, the attack on the Twin Towers on September
11, 2001, sent the world into shock.

On October 11, 2001 (precisely one month after the disaster, in a
front page news story, the New Zealand Herald reported:

“Spy planes equipped with listening devices and super-optic cameras
are ready to begin a round-the-clock hunt for Osama bin Laden.

“After quickly gaining mastery of the skies against the ill-
equipped Taleban forces, the United States and Britain will draw on
the world’s most advanced airborne cameras and spying equipment for
the next phase of their operation.

“The US has requested use of an RAF Canberra bomber, which has been
converted into a spy plane. Its electro-optical camera can take
photographs from 48,000 ft. One source said it could identify ‘paper
in your back garden’.

“Other devices can peer into secret mountain spots from more than
60 km away.

“The aerial surveillance will lead to a more dangerous phase of the
military campaign, in which ground forces will pursue bin Laden.”


Even television sets are being equipped with monitors that scansky4
a room every two seconds to record the movements and actions of
every person in the room.

Originally designed to test viewing audiences for the benefit of
advertisers, the devices could be used to monitor the whereabouts
and actions of certain people for surveillance purposes.

That’s clever technology.

Even then, I still suspect that the ancient world may be still
ahead of us in certain television matters. “What about those ‘magic
mirrors?” prodded Rex.


Yes, that’s an interesting one. You see, all descriptions of
scientific development in China in the first millennium B.C. refer
to “magic mirrors”.

They are mirrors which have extremely complicated high reliefs on
the back of the looking-glass.

When direct sunlight falls on the mirror, the high reliefs which
are separated from the surface by a reflecting glass, become

This does not happen in artificial light. If they are set up in
pairs, they transmit images, like television.

The phenomenon is scientifically inexplicable, by present

Some of these mirrors are still supposed to exist in private
collections. We do not understand how they were made or what they
were used for.


Early this century, Maxim Gorky, the celebrated Russian writer,sky5
met an Indian yogi in the Caucasus, who asked Gorky if he wanted
to see something in his album. Gorky said he wished to see
pictures of India.

The Indian put the album on Gorky’s knees and asked him to turn
the pages. These polished copper sheets depicted beautiful cities,
temples and landscapes of India, which Gorky thoroughly enjoyed.

When he finished looking at the pictures, Gorky returned the album
to the Indian.

The Indian blew on it and smilingly said: “Now will you have
another look?”

Gorky opened the album and found nothing but blank copper plates
without a trace of any pictures!

It seems like our ancestors knew some astonishing science – which
in many respects we have not re-discovered!

But that only scrapes the surface.

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