by Harry Pope



I dream a lot, almost every night. For example, last night I was back in my old house,
and the mother-in-law was alive. Yup, it was a nightmare as well. Anyway, I walked
in the door to see that the whole house was flooding, walls, ceiling, running water. I
heard her upstairs in the bathroom, saw that the ceiling above me was missing, she
was about to step out into a void. I rushed up the stairs, just in time to see the door
opening. I shouted out ‘Marjorie’ (that was her name), she paused, then I created a
bridge so she could walk safely downstairs.
She didn’t thank me.
The Queen used to feature in my dreams, but she hasn’t been around for some time.
She was always accessible, chatting away to me about nothing in particular. I have
always found her to be a pleasant, friendly person, ready to engage in one-on-one
conversation. It would be indiscreet of me to reveal what we would be chatting about,
but suffice to say nothing about secrets of state. But she did discuss her family.
Wow, what I could tell you about them, but there is a place in the Tower of London
waiting for me



My late dad hasn’t been around much either, not really surprising since he died in
1997, so my sub-conscious sleeping mind has moved onto other people. A common
theme however is that I usually have some degree of wealth, so at least in repose I
have lots to spend, often on luxurious cruises.
The other night we took over a 2,000 passenger cruise ship, taking her down the
River Thames. Don’t ask me how we managed to get under the bridges, we just did.
We have also taken a cruise ship along a motorway. On my latest cruise the captain
approached me as we were filling up with fuel. ‘Harry, can I have your credit card
details please.’



‘No problem, how much is it?’
‘Oh it’s thousands, but don’t worry, that will last us all day.’
‘Don’t worry captain, there’s plenty more to spend.’
We had the best seats in the theatre, dined with the captain every night, but the life
never became boring. It never does when I am asleep.
Many years ago I was dreaming that Pam and I were walking down a country Devon
lane. It had high hedges either side, nowhere to hide, when coming towards us was
a giant combine harvester. When I mean giant, I mean it filled up the road. There
was nowhere for us to go, we were going to end up in the blades along with
everything else. But there was one way to be saved. I got out of bed, and sat on the
floor. Pam woke up, and very bemused said ‘what are you doing on the floor?’
‘Getting out the way of a combined harvester.’
‘Get back into bed.’
Fortunately my wife of many years features in my dreams, not every night
regrettably, but sufficiently often to be reassuring for the future of our marriage. She
is always loving, attentive, cooking excellent food. Just like real life. A good friend of
ours passed away suddenly some years ago, and I wrote this poem for his wife, who
used to read it every night before going to sleep.



Dream of Me.
Please don’t be scared or afraid, when you go to sleep tonight,
Because we’ll be together again, somewhere in the night
Read before you go to sleep, perhaps turn off the light,
Because you and I will be together again, somewhere in the night
Just because I’m not there, to listen to your plight,
Talk to me, I’m still here, somewhere in the night
We’ll always be together young, I’ll be there in your sight,
For ever and ever it’ll be always so, somewhere in the night
When you awake in the morn, don’t worry, all will be right,
Because we’ll be together again, somewhere in the night
Harry Pope 2004
Harry has written a series of short ghost stories, all about Ballygobackwards Castle
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