With the recent opening of a second branch in St. Christopher’s place this week, there’s no doubt the Sethi family run Hoppers has firmly put Sri Lankan cuisine on the London foodie map, says Kiran Shergill.


The masterminds behind culinary giants such as Trishna and Gymkhana have earnt themselves a well-deserved cult following. Named after the nation’s much loved native dish of fermented rice and coconut batter – Hoppers offers 5* food and service in laid back authentic surroundings – all without that eye-brow raising price tag!

Choose to dine either A la Carte or from the set Feast Menu. The latter is designed to be shared between two, and comes in both veg and non-veg options. Priced at £28pp for 11 signature items, it’s a real treat to the taste buds and the purse strings.

Alternatively, the A la carte starts with a selection of the restaurant’s ‘short eats’. The mutton rolls are a popular choice with their perfectly tender meaty filling, enveloped by a crispy breadcrumb casing. Pair this with the much-loved bone marrow varuval and roti, and you’ll quickly realise why  this ‘no-reservations’ cubbyhole attracts an ever growing  waiting list of hungry customers.

Next on the list is the restaurant’s namesake dish. The Sri Lankan ‘Hoppers’ can be served plain or with a neatly fried egg at the centre. Pair either option with the punchy variety of condimemts on offer. Alternatively,  you may choose to opt for the equally popular ‘Dosa’ – a traditional South Indian pancake, folded over and served with a trio of classic chutneys. (The real trick is to skip the indecisiveness and have both!).

Next up are the gorgeously spiced ‘Karis’ (better known to most as ‘curries’). These serve as an ideal companion to your hopper and/or dosa. Whether you go for the fish, the  blackened pork, or okra and plantain curry – they’re all deliciously fresh and flavoursome.

Finally are the main dishes, consisting of Kothu Roti (a medley of chopped roti and grilled meat/vegetables) and roast meats with an unlikely partnership of condiments.

If there wasn’t already enough reasons to dine at Hoppers this autumn, perhaps this will clinch the deal – Hoppers Soho have recently announced their commitment to the ‘Love Food Give Food’ campaign by supporting Action Against Hunger. This will turn a £1 discretionary donation per table towards a worthwhile cause. Win/Win!

Hoppers St Christopher’s is now taking reservations. So head online and book yourself a highly coveted spot. Otherwise, be prepared to wait it out in the interactive queue system in Soho. You’ll be able to trot off for a drink or three (waiting list dependant), by which point you would have no doubt worked up a healthy appetite!

For more information, please visit: https://www.hopperslondon.com