a SignatureBreeze is sweeping the summer heat, it’s a good day for a café and a cigarette. It’s a good day to go public.
“Public Us”, I don’t know if I should classify the place as a restaurant or as a café palace. The way it is organized and decorated appeared to me as a palace and not simply a place.
When I’ve first seen the sign, I thought it’s some kind of company or charity. Then when I drove by it and looked quickly through its glass walls, I was like ‘hallelujah’. I pulled over right away and went in.
HDR SignatureA receptionist was by the door, and soon as I came in, she asked me “first time? “, and my reply was “yes, and will not be my last”. It is not a very wide palace but it is busy, I couldn’t notice anyone’s leaving as so many are coming in, and they all fit. It is classy and that is the thing that got me the most. It is “young” although the variety of ages. I didn’t care about who owns it or its history or anything, all it matters to me that this is where I should go for some prodigious time.
SignatureThere are 2 menus, one for drinks and one for food. My focus ‘bien sure’ was drinks, a café but it all changed when I saw the word ‘shakshuka’ in the food menu. Yes, people of Tunisia, it is the ‘shakshuka’ as we call it and as we cook it, with ‘Za’atar’, yes the ‘za’atar as we know it. On the menu it exactly shows “Shakshuka middle eastern spiced tomato sauce, Halloumi cheese, 3 farm eggs, Za’atar, cilantro, sesame toast. All for $11 and you can add avocado for $2. My eyes went wide when I saw the price because where I’m from, shakshuka is priceless but for free, it doesn’t cost yet it can save a man in tough times of no income. I would pay anything to have a taste from home and for me personally, it was worth the money.

b SignatureBoth lunch menu and drinks menu were long. For food there were mainly sandwiches, brunch, soups and rice bowls, a variety of cultures in each sub-menu. For the drinks, in order for me to try them all, since except 3 or 4, all the other drink labels are strange to me, I would need 60 days of being a daily customer. It is Probably a good plan for a café fan.

b SignatureEveryone was having a good time, enjoying a good company and a good conversation. Everyone was smiling around the palace. I sipped my café and enjoyed the company too.