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My wife’s breasts like to do their bit for the world. They are as eco-friendly as she can possibly make them. Sustainability is core for her bust.

And she has royal approval. The 41st person in line  to the throne wears the same bras.

Thanks to Lady Amelia Windsor, the British royal family now has its first underwear ambassador made by London’s Alexander Clementine.

Woke underwear is the latest on-trend. Kelp knickers and bladderwrack bras could become a fashion must-have. According to the Yorkshireman who has become entangled with women’s under-things and delicates. And Ascophyllum nodosum. Also known as Knotted Wrack.


Alex Rawcliffe and his partner  Freya, who met at Nottingham University, sell empowering, conscious undies. And bras.

You don’t want to start the day by stepping into any sweatshops or unfair labour practices. You want your pants to have an eco-ethical ethos. Your want them to be sustainable as well as cosily biogradable.

The  inclusive collection – with sizes ranging from size 6 to size 24 – is being modelled by real people with no modelling background.

Says Alex : “ The campaign has been designed to ensure that all body types are represented, and their diversity is celebrated – empowering wearers to feel beautiful and confident. The Lady Amelia Windsor Collection is  handcrafted from the brand’s own unique silk-like seaweed blend.


He adds  : “ The logo reflects the designers’ love for the environment – Lady Amelia’s strongest emotion – and it also emulates the passion behind the collection’s modelling campaign. A fashion-forward figure, Lady Amelia is well known for her passion for sustainability and safe fashion practices. The mangroves  will be planted in Madagascar and Indonesia. The brand already ensures 99% of its waste is reused and recycled. Alexander Clementine is well known for its recyclable and biodegradable packaging and will be sending off each new order with a personalised thank you note to every wearer – written on peppermint seed paper.

A lover of peppermint tea, Lady Amelia chose this paper herself, and it will be accompanied with a recipe for ‘Amelia’s Perfect Peppermint Tea’ – so wearers can grow their own peppermint plant too.

Available  are carbon neutral high-waisted seaweed briefs ( in lilac or black ) , triangle bras and bralets made from wood and Icelandic fjord seaweed.

Continues fellow -founder Freya  L “ Our unique silk-like fabric is made up of two components: Seaweed (SeaCell™) and wood pulp (Tencel™). SeaCell™ is produced using the Lyocell process, an innovative and eco-friendly production method. Production takes place in a closed loop with no chemicals released as waste In the Icelandic Fjords there is minimal water contamination and zero pollution from ship traffic. We harvest only above the regenerative point of the plant every four years.”


Seaweed requires far less water, land and chemicals to manufacture than cottons, while being more wrinkle-resistant and  quick-drying and durable. Cotton notoriously uses -up to 3000 litres per T-shirt.

Seaweed also contains naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that are absorbed through the skin maintaining quasi-medical properties. This includes iron and iodine (vital to thyroid function) as well as vitamins A, C, E & B12.

I am doing my bit too.  My loins are consciously girt as can be.

Your underwear should support a good cause. It should uphold things that are important to you.

Your choice of homewear should reflect your hang-ups  about soil erosion, deforestation, water scarcity and the current nitrogen crisis. Bamboo briefs are the next emergent thing.


Hypo–allergenic bamboo is the latest Polyester/Cotton alternative and the new Elastaine and Lycra Spandex. And are the very latest in environment- kind kecks.

To add to the lockdown loungewear trend, bamboo boxers,T-shirts, sweat pants , socks, bathrobes  and pyjamas have arrived in the UK from the Netherlands. The items are designed to be worn around the house and are specially made to enhance relaxation.

The Dutch firm Bamigo has come up with a bamboo fabric with microscopic holes in its fibres to aid in ventilation and the fabric absorbs up to 70% more moisture than cotton without retaining unpleasant odours, allowing the skin to breathe and ensuring freshness throughout the day for its customers. The thermal regulating effect of bamboo fibres provides added protection against the cold whilst also preventing overheating. They are  quick-drying ,crease-free  and don’t require ironing.

Bamigo is committed to a sustainable and more durable alternative to cotton clothing, needing only sunlight and rainwater to grow. The use of bamboo also has a positive impact on global environmental concerns such as deforestation and the Greenhouse Effect. Bamboo also provides natural UV protection

“Through our innovation we work to give bamboo underwear another dimension” said Bart Hoorntje, CEO at Bamigo. “ Our clothing feels like a second skin. We believe British shoppers attach as much value to sustainability as we do,”

Engage with environmental issues and wear more socially-conscious socks and enlightened, less harmful-to-the-environment and more kind to Gian pandas t jimmy-jams. Fill your drawers draw with more positive—planet products.  Sadly, bamboo underwear does not absorb  carbon dioxide. Nor does it grow 5-20 cms a day.

My wife and I are like the Royals in another similar way. Hanging out our washing means we are in residence.