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Buy a “Celtic Title” and sustain biodiversity – World meanderings n°129


By Annick Dournes & Frederic de Poligny


After meeting a great success in Scotland “Highland Titles” launches its new project “Celtic Titles”. Any Ireland lover is now able to buy a small plot of land and become a Lord or Lady of Ardmore. The plots are located in Northern Ireland in the Slievekirk Wood near the town of Derry. The funds raised will be used to protect both the land and its wildlife by creating a nature reserve for endangered species. 


For its first Irish project “Celtic Titles” has chosen Slievekirk Wood in the beautiful Faughan Valley at the foot of Slievekrk Mountain that rises over 1,000 feet. The valley already is one of the most wooded landscapes in Northern Ireland benefiting from two ancient woodland sites and a number of more recent conservation projects. It was planted predominantly with birch trees. After buying a plot you are welcome to visit the site anytime you want and discover beautiful landscapes.  As you will enter the estate, a small wooden footbridge will aid access over a drainage ditch and an informal winding path will lead you through the birch, oak and Scot pine trees. Plenty of sunlight breaches the canopy and shines on the typical birch tree silver bark. This woodland is a haven for birdlife home for the beautiful jay bird and red deer, red squirrels, bats, butterflies… can be seen from time to time. At the far side of the wood a rustic bench has been installed and you can have a rest enjoying lovely views over Derry, Londonderry, Lough Foyle and the Donegal Hills. 


Ireland has only six million inhabitants but it is estimated that 50 to 80 million people around the world have Irish ancestors. “Celtic Titles” can enable them to reconnect with their Celtic roots by becoming Lord or Lady of Ardmore. When buying a package you will get a 1-sqf plot in Slievekirk Wood, Ardmore, plus the free-use of style of “Lord or Lady of Ardmore” and free worldwide shipping. Plus the right to visit your own plot anytime you want and transfer it to future generations.  You will be mailed a presentation folder, a personalised certificate, an information booklet and a plot ID card. A one-person plot costs €48,00. Couples can buy two adjoining plots for € 72,00. 


“Highland Titles” was started in 2006 by Dr Peter Bevis and his daughter Laura. They now manage two estates in Scotland and intend to meet the same success in Ireland. A small lake will soon be created in the Slievekirk nature reserve. It is meant to attract new species in the woodland to increase biodiversity. Neither “Highland Titles” nor “Celtic Titles” receive government, lottery or other financial grants or assistance. So the success of their project is in our hands. Buying a plot for yourself (or as a gift) will not only make you a Lord or a Lady it also will be a good deed helping preserving nature.

More info and e-shop at www.celtictitles.com

Text ©Annick Dournes