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Barford’s Battle Against Pollution



Barford’s Battle to stop a large quarry being developed on its doorstep continues. Ann Evans has more details.





Clean Air Day, which took place on Thursday 16 June, is the UK’s largest air pollution campaign, bringing together communities, businesses, schools and the health sector. For the residents of the village of Barford, Warwickshire, it’s a campaign close to their heart and they have pledged their support. For the last six years they have been fighting, protesting and campaigning to stop a proposed large quarry from being developed on its doorstep due to the pollution it will cause.

Children from Barford School have been measuring the air quality and are producing a video which will showcase the importance of protecting the village and show just how close the quarry would be to a currently thriving community.

Barford and the surrounding villages of Wasperton and Sherborne have been fighting behind the scenes for the last six years to stop this proposed quarry. Already highlighted by recent official air pollution analysis to be a particularly excessive hotspot of atmospheric pollution, Barford will be exposed to even greater danger if this quarry gets the go ahead.

Every year there are 36,000 deaths in the U.K. attributed to air pollution as reported by the World Health Organisation and recognised by the U.K. government. It has become the greatest environmental risk we face today.





Malcolm Eykyn, one of the committee members against the quarry, said, “Smith’s Concrete, who plan to start mining 350 yards from the edge of the village will, by their own admission, be moving 200 heavy quarry lorries a day to and from the site. Add to that the effect of mining machinery of powerful diggers, conveyors and screening plants over a period likely to be in excess of 15 years you can then begin to realise the scale of the additional toxic diesel and dust fumes being released into the atmosphere for the residents to inhale deep into their lungs.

“This atmospheric release of pollution is compounded by Barford lying directly under the flight path of the prevailing winds which will carry these dangerous and invisible airborne particulates around and into our houses. A leading scientist in this field of fine particulate airborne transmission has already provided evidence in court of the permanent damage this can have to unborn children of pregnant mothers living a few kilometres away from the source of the dust emission.

Our communities are already vulnerable to atmospheric pollution. We must stop further potential damage to our health. How can the needs of the quarry next door outweigh the needs of the health of our residents?”

For more information, please visit http://www.barfordresidents.co.uk/latest-stop-the-quarry-updates/


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