We have several options for advertisers to feature their own content at B-C-ing-U.com.

Option 1: A link along the very top of B-C-ing-U.com, appearing on every page of the website. This link will lead to a page of suitable content, with photos if wanted.
Price: £20 per month, or £50 for three months.

Option 2: A small graphical or text advert to appear in the right side bar of every page at B-C-ing-U.com, above the ‘Most Recent Articles’ heading. This advert will link to a suitable website of your choosing.
Price: £40 per month, £100 for three months.

Option 3: A small text link at the bottom of every page of B-C-ing-U.com, underneath the ‘Recommended Websites’ heading.
Price: £10 per month, or £100 for a year.

Option 4: A scan of your real business card to appear on our B-C-ing-U.com business cards page, titled ‘Cards’.
Price: £10 per month or £100 for a year.


To contact us about advertising please email:
Queen-B Lyn Funnell: lyn@b-c-ing-u.com
Webitor: gareth@b-c-ing-u.com

We pride ourselves on our low advertising rates. All prices are subject to review, although obviously this does not affect advertisers who have already paid.

Thank you.