Choreographed by Robert North, The Snowman has several elements of ‘Show-man’ when he waves mid-air thus complementing the orchestra whilst playing the timeless Christmas tune ‘Walking in the Air’. The receptive hearts and minds of all the children in the audience was at its most evident at this juncture of the show, as they gave a wonderstruck wave back. The festive atmosphere was further prevalent with the continuous chomping of chocolates and candy.


The Snowman is an adaptation of the book written by Raymond Briggs and indeed the film that was directed by Dianne Jackson., and as such brings a plethora of festive paraphernalia to the stage, be it jumpers, presents or the storied Santa Claus.

The storyline itself centres around a boy who builds a snowman that ends up being his newly found pal as a result of coming to life in the midst of the night. The snowman’s clumsiness nearly results in his demise. However, the snowman’s free spirit nature comes to the forefront when he and the boy have the equivalent moment of ‘musical’ lights, flicking the light switch on and off in a rhythmic manner.


In summary, you will experience a different type of ‘snowed-under’ at the Sadler’s Wells Peacock Theatre. This is a truly stress free experience!

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