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Welsh Witterings:  things you don’t expect in your food


Over the years I have encountered many an unwelcome foreign body in my food when dining out and these have ranged from a shard of tile in my pie, to a slug in my roast vegetables and even half a plastic margarine tub in my wrap (albeit melted) and when I was researching my latest book I uncovered plenty of horror stories about inedible objects found in packaged goods and I must confess that I can’t buy a sliced white loaf without thinking of the mouse droppings that my Mum uncovered running through the middle of a loaf when she was half way through making sandwiches. IMAG20101-1

This morning I was reminded of some of the weird and wonderful things I have uncovered over the years in my gastronomical adventures as whilst pouring my daughters cornflakes out a big lump of solidified mixture hit her bowl.  It was nothing particularly unpleasant, just the cornflake machine having a blip, but suddenly I thought of all the things I have had to return to the kitchen because they were simply not meant to be there..sadly I have not had an image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary appear on my toast but I did have butterscotch ice-cream sauce put on my pasta instead of balsamic glaze; and I have received pasta complete with the lid of a salt container hidden under a layer of cheese;  caterpillars, dead flies and slugs a  plenty whilst meat in vegetarian dishes have been detected on far too many occasions.  I have found plum stones in an apple pie and a chicken bone in a vegan pie; a piece of glass in a children’s meal and a plaster in my baguette;  I am quite sure I am not alone in finding curious objects in food from time to time and I can’t help wondering what the weirdest thing anyone has ever found is.

I am quite sure there is a book to be written on the subject of things you don’t expect nor want in your dinner!

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