It is wonderful that the children’s playgrounds and parks have opened again. I cannot express how delighted I am to be able to take my children to the park and allow them the freedom to play, explore and run around.  However, because the parks where I live are quite small and we have encountered a very large influx of tourists the parks have been very overcrowded places during the day, so I have developed a new evening routine for my children, dinner, evening walk, park and then washed and changed before bed. It must be said that bedtime has got a little later, but the park is empty and my little ones all go to bed happy and tired.

This week I have taken a few photographs of the children and realised how quickly they are growing.  Harriet will turn eleven this month and I still remember her being a babe in arms like it was yesterday.  I remember becoming a first time mum being the scariest and yet most awe inspiring and life changing experience. Needless to say that  I don’t regret a single sleepless night and that whilst as a mother of five I can’t remember the last time I went to the loo on my own or got five minutes peace, but I wouldn’t change it. I love all my children and their unique quirks and though I bemoan the chaos of daily life I love having a large family, I just wish I could keep them all small for a bit longer.

Buying Birthday presents for Harriet this year has been a bit of a shock, instead of the latest toy or fad, this year she has asked for nature guides, a satchel bag (to keep her notes and sketches in)  and a good digital camera.  She’s just started an art course and she’s got a real interest in British wildlife and in keeping diaries of her findings, she’s a lovely girl, but suddenly she’s no longer a baby, she’s a very intelligent and articulate young lady.

I have certainly been reflecting over how quickly time passes and how precious every moment is.  I have also been reflecting over the danger of storing all the photographs digitally, I feel a printing frenzy coming on!

Well,  I’m off to do some chocolate modeling with the little ones…I predict that not much chocolate will survive long enough to become a model of anything, although I’m sure they’ll enjoy it all the same.

girls park