I am working away from home at the moment with my husband and two youngest children and seeing my little ones away from their home environment has made me realise just how they have grown.

Indeed, recognising how fast all my children are growing has made me go a little sentimental and I felt myself reach for the rose-tinted glasses; however, sentimentality apart childhood seems to fly by and I know my nine-year-old is in a terrible rush to grow up. I can’t help wishing I could freeze time so that I could enjoy certain stages of my children’s development for a little longer but having said that watching them grow and discover new things is a wonder and a blessing.

I have enjoyed my time working away. I find that my time travelling always feeds my imagination and aids my writing. However, travelling with little children does mean that there are no such things as travelling light. A week away no longer spells a small suitcase, but three suitcases, endless baby bags and everything from cuddly dinosaurs, to rattles and train sets. Indeed, my husband and I no longer travel by car or train, but by minibus.

I’ve just had a new book on food history commissioned, so there will be a lot more travel on the horizon.  As this travel will mean organising not just myself but four under tens, I will have to get more organised and ensure that I can travel in a more streamlined fashion.

Well, as I’m still working away, I’m afraid this week’s witterings are rather short as a room change is looming and my husband is already ferrying bags from the room whilst my toddler is hurriedly re-packing my travel case in her own very unique way.

Perhaps, I should write a book on the travel tales of a working mummy!