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May I request all readers to inform me and let me know which of you live in a large villa with a splendid garden, have lots of well-furnished rooms, a television set in every room and, oh yes of course, lots of money.



The reason is simple and straightforward enough. I live in a small apartment, have no garden, only two television sets and have to scrabble around to make ends meet. Now this I find grossly unfair and am determined to do something about it.


The best way is to move in with somebody with a palatial environment because as a human being I have “human rights” and therefore everybody has to pity me and shed tears for me and naturally make good my shortcomings. This is simply known as “asylum” and my status is that of a “refugee” and in these I am backed by the United Nations and a lot of what are known as ‘Non-Governmental Organisations’ (NGOs) who sit on their fat posteriors and dictate to everybody else what is the “right” thing to do.


Former Italian PM MATTEO RENZI (right) heaped praise on Malta’s PM JOSEPH MUSCAT for his diplomatic handling of the situation.

Let me clarify this so as not to broach any misunderstandings. My heart goes out to those many thousands of Syrian families who were caught up in the horrors of a bloody and vindictive civil war; and it goes out to those caught up in the ravages of tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as it does to all those suffering thirst and hunger due to natural disasters. These I will help where I can, humanely and economically.


But the buck STOPS at those uprooting sticks and heading for Europe simply because “life is greener on the other side” – or so they are lead to believe in the same manner as Dick Wittington believed the streets of London to be paved with gold – and so he headed for London!


Immigrants stranded three weeks in rough seas on one of these two rescue boats.

Malta has just undergone a disgraceful saga that stretched over three weeks, mainly because principally Italy, Tunisia and Libya shed their legal responsibilities while the EU Commission and the rest of the world hummed, hawed and procrastinated before a decision was finally taken.


There have long been suspicions that so-called “rescue vessels” operated by NGOs act in a manner of extended arms to human traffickers. These hover around Central Mediterranean marine territorial zones, picking up “refugees” and then depositing them NOT in the country of origin of the NGO but on the nearest port available.


Agreement reached at last and immigrants enabled to land.

As long as they shed their human load and project the aspect of their being kind and humane, they are indifferent as to the burden they place on the port of call where they dump their human cargo. Libyan traffickers continue to operate because they know these vessels will continue and do their dirty work for them.


I have studied each cargo of humans and each load will contain (a) scores of able-bodied youths; (b) two or three  pregnant women near to giving birth; (c) a sprinkling of young children; (d) a further sprinkling of unaccompanied minors.


Immigrants euphoric when informed they will be able to disembark in Malta.

Categories (b), (c) and (d) are bound to draw sympathy and therefore open doors of welcome and this automatically enables category (a) to gain entry too.


The latest saga began off the coast of Libya when two ships picked up two loads of 49 immigrants in total. Libyan coastguards refused to take them back to Libya and those on board refused to return there anyway (I wonder why?).


Disembarkation begins.

Tunisia immediately closed its ports and Italy – which was the nearest landing point – did likewise. So, head for Malta because the Maltese are kind-hearted and will accept everything.


However, enough is enough and this time Malta’s Government again stood firm as it has been doing in recent months, sticking strictly to United Nations rule and that of international maritime law. The Malta Government has been ensuring it follows its legal obligations – and nothing more.


On secure and steady land at last.

The two ships were allowed entry into territorial waters and additionally allowed to approach land and seek shelter as sea conditions over the last three weeks have been highly inclement.


Also, as it has done recently, although NOT legally enforced to do so, Malta has been allowing disembarkation on the STRICT understanding that other EU Member states accept to the relocation of the “refugees”.


Italian Deputy PM and Minister for Internal Affairs Matteo Salvini. His only solution is to constantly attack Malta.

Generally speaking the west EU states like Spain, Ireland, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Luxembourg etc agree to participate. Those in the east bloc like Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic etc simply refuse while Greece has already had more than its fill.


And so, the saga stretched over three weeks with nobody but simply nobody wanting them, until at last agreement was reached and they were allowed to land and will now relocate to Germany, France, Portugal, Ireland, Romania, Luxembourg, Holland and Italy, together with 220 others landed in recent weeks even though Malta was not legally responsible to land them.


Rescue vessel.

Overall, the message is loud and clear. It’s Malta’s problem – let them deal with it. Malta is the SMALLEST state in the EU, already vastly over-populated having already taken in 10,000 plus immigrants in recent years!


So much for solidarity and support, fraternity and equality; these remain on paper and as lip-service – nothing more. The recent intervention even needed the input of the Pope from The Vatican and Malta’s Bishops appealing for support and humanity.


NGO rescue vessel – are they aiding and abetting human trafficking.

The real concern is that after years and years of this human trafficking, neither the EU, nor Europe nor the United Nations have been able to agree to do anything about it.


HOWEVER, it seems acceptable that peanut-brained EU politicians like Portugal’s Ana Gomes and Germany’s Sven Giegold (among a number of others) do their best to damage Malta’s burgeoning economy with ‘Mafia’ accusations and corruption – aided and abetted by some members of Malta’s Opposition Party”.


The equally peanut-brained Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini also responsible for Internal Affairs has also jumped on the bandwagon to win populist popularity in Italy – attack Malta continually and gain populism while alienating the thoughts of the Italian electorate from the disaster that Italy is in today.


The recent arrivals are from Nigeria, Bangladesh, Egypt and a number of other African countries where the only current crisis is that they are fed up of living there because of the corruption of their own politicians and religious restrictions and therefore the best plan is to head for Europe, freedom, lots of available alcohol, lots of female flesh to admire and a good time to be had in general.


My only pity and concern is for children


My final conclusion – 100% agree with Donald Trump and his quest to build a massive wall between Mexico and the USA!

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“His eyes are larger than his stomach”.


Describing a person who bites off more than he can chew or digest – not necessarily food-wise but in general.

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