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The four oiled swans which were rescued a month ago in the Crumbles and Horsey Sewers at Eastbourne, have been returned home today.


Rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) returned a pair to the Crumbles Sewer behind Manton Court and Leeds Avenue, but the pair from the Horsey Sewer have been returned to Princes Park.


The Environment Agency put absorbent booms and pads in place to soak up the oil pollution but the process took longer than expected due to the build up of oil in the pipes. “The EA were concerns about the Horsey Sewer swan being returned as they are concerned about the possibility of such oil spills happening again as well as the potential of heavy rain to wash further oil out the pipes. For this reason we have released this pair at Princes Park” said Trevor.


After WRAS’s Care Team had spent a few days showering and washing the oil off using washing up liquid, the swan were again nice and white in colour. Volunteers and staff bathed them daily.


After a month in care the four swans were transported down to Eastbourne and released. “This rescue and the clean up and car work looking after the swans has cost WRAS over £800. Sadly those responsible never help cover our costs” said Trevor.



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