Baby Hippo

Our orphan team have been hand rearing a baby hippo this week.  OK, its not a hippo but actually a baby rabbit, but they do look like baby hippos! Our resident baby bunny expert Nicola has had her hands full for the past couple of months with lots of her babies already released and she still has more in care being well looked after. She has had an amazing success rate with these guys who are some of the hardest wild mammals to rear.

Baby Bunnies

We had a rescue with a difference Sunday night. I was returning for attending a road casualty Tawny Owl on the C7 near Piddinghoe, when I was flashed by a car parked at the side of the road at Kingston. I slowed down and then realised why as there was a herd of cattle in the road. They had apparently called the police, but I stopped and put on our warning beacons and working with a members of the public we tried to keep them to the grass verge.  It was clear there were others on the rugby pitch and the herd on the road decided to rejoin them so traffic had to be stopped as they moved across the road.  A couple of passing motorists kindly helped by driving to the nearest farm which was Spring Barn Farm and luckily the cattle were his. The farmer came straight out and did a drive round to check where they had come from. We kept the cattle contained in the sport field whilst he investigated. He found a gate had been left open near the northern end of the sports field so using a feed bag and calling he was able to round up the cattle and they followed him back to the field. I did a check of the sport field to make sure not cattle had been left behind before finally getting back to our Casualty Centre around 1am.

Chris with the Pevensey Fox Cub

Rescuers gave attended this RTA fox cub in Pevensey Bay just after 11pm Friday night. Thankfully the callers waited and made it a lot quicker for rescuers to find the injured animal. Rescuer Chris assesses the cub on site and found no major injuries so it was taken up to the hospital where our vets were contacted. The Care Team gave emergency medication and fluids and monitored her vital signs, which all pointed to shock and concussion. She was placed in our ICU unit and the care team stayed close until just after 3am when she began to stand.  A bed was made in our casualty room and more fluids were given and she was bedded down for the night. The following morning she started fitting. Our vets were contacted and a sedative used to calm her down. She has had a couple of additional fits since and further sedation to help the swelling on her brain.  Now she is a lot more settled and improving but still has a long way to go.

Rescuer Murrae rushed to attended a fox cub seen walking along Lottbridge Drove on Sunday morning which appeared injured. Sadly by the time he arrived the cub had been hit by a car again and had passed away.

Dunnock rescued from drain in Careew Road

A poor little dunnock got himself in trouble after falling down a drain along Carew Road. Seeing one of our ambulances close by the finder rang our rescue line and rescuers were on site within seconds. The poor bird was sinking fast, rescuers tried reaching it with nets and poles but the movement in the water was making it sink faster. Two painter and decorators were heading to their van and rescuers shouted for them to help. Rescuers and the decorators lifted the grate and the bird was quickly rescued. The bird was rushed inside and warmed up using hairdryers and heat pads. Eventually it was able to take fluids and he quickly showed his digestive system was working again. He was then taken to WRAS Hospital for further care by our amazing Care Team.

Rescuer Keith has been down to Decoy Pond Hampden Park to rescuer a carp in the outlet stream. The fish was in very shallow water struggling to move. Visitors to the park phoned WRAS out of concern so Keith rushed down and managed to catch the fish and place it back in the main lake.

Thank you to rescuers Ellie and Victoria who had a difficult rescue last Thursday afternoon in Ceylon Place Eastbourne after a young fox found itself trapped in a basement. The rescuers had to use ladders to climb over into a garden before then using the ladders to get climb down into the basement to catch the fox. The fox was taken to WRAS’s Casualty Centre where it was checked over. Luckily fit and healthy the cub was taken back late at night and release by rescuer Brian.

Sleeping Bunny

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