Oiled Guillemot from Cuckmere Haven

We have had a spate of swan crashing recently, as you may have already read in previous weeks too. We are advising motorists to keep an eye out for low flying swans and swans wandering around roads at the moment.  At this time of year juvenile swans are being pushed away by their parents who are starting to think about next year’s nest and young. Unfortunately juvenile swans are not brilliant at flying because of being so young and inexperienced. As a result they often crash land, misjudge distances and wind speed resulting in them crashing before their intended destination. Some swans are being forced to walk away from ponds and lakes by their parents chasing them away, meaning they walk out onto roads.

Norman’s Bay Swan in a swan wrap

We have been to a number of incidents recently including one last week found wandering along a road on the Pevensey Levels near Normans Bay.  The swan was sat in the middle of the road and probably been caught out by the wind or turbulence and crashed. Rescuer Chris attended and was able to secure the swan which was in good condition but just inexperienced. Chris took the swan over to Princes Park for release with the non-territorial flock.

WRAS was called to a mature swan which crashed at Five Acre Field in Eastbourne. There have recently been other calls around Eastbourne’s Princes Park Lake and Hampden Park’s Decoy Pond in addition to other calls to swans on Lottbridge Drove and Sevenoaks Road Eastbourne, the Golden Jubliee Way Eastbourne the A27 near Alfriston.

People used to think swans crashed on roads thinking they are rivers, but often it is because of other factors, like experience and turbulence. Some areas like Lottbridge Drove and Princes Park areas suffer a lot from turbulence affecting the flight of the swans.

You will also notice at parks that swans are fighting. Parents having a go at this years youngsters and chasing off any adults which fly in. Generally they sort themselves out, but if concerned don’t hesitate to call.

Dog attacked Swan from Princes Park

Last weekend we Rescuer Murrae attended a swan at Princes Park Eastbourne which had been attacked by a dog. The poor swan suffered several deep puncture wounds to his neck and our Care Team gave emergency first aid, before transferring the swan to the Swan Sanctuary for specialist help.

We’ve had a lovely little Guillemot rescued at the Cuckmere Haven. Rescuer Murrae delivered the oiled bird to WRAS’s Casualty Centre where Chris and Katie set about treating, medicating and cleaning it.  After good wash the Guillemot loved being blow dried using the hair dryer, there is a great video on our Facebook page!

WRAS and Sussex Police dealing with the Deer at Boreham Street

Its been tough week for Rescuer Chris having to deal with some horrible road casualties including a road casualty deer at Boreham Street near Herstmonceux. The deer was seriously injured and thrashing around in the middle of the road. Due to the hazard, to motorists, Sussex Police were called. Unfortunately they were unable to get hold of any Deer Wardens so a firearms team attended to put the poor creature out of its discomfort.

Uckfield Runners present cheque to WRAS Wildlife Rescue. Trevor Weeks (left) wth Peter Wilkes (r) and fellow runners.
Picture by Jim Holden

Thank you to Uckfield Runners for making a great donation of £1000 to WRAS this week. The club which meets at Freedom Leisure in Uckfield every Tuesday evening and Thursday morning  presented WRAS with a cheque outside the Leisure Centre on Monday. A big thank you to everyone for supporting our charity especially at this time of year with so many cold and hungry casualties coming into care.