Daryl Farmer and Sabine Granger at the BBC Awards

Congratulations to both WRAS volunteers Kathy Martyn and Daryl Farmer, who attended the BBC Sussex & Surrey Community Heroes Awards on Monday night. Kathy was a finalist in the Animal Welfare Awards and Daryl a finalist in the Fundraiser Award. As if that was not enough, Daryl won his category to everyone’s delight. It is difficult for people to appreciate the sheer amount of effort put in my people like Katie, Chris, Karen and all our volunteers like Kathy and Daryl who give up time to support WRAS. It’s difficult to express the difficult emotional roller coaster, tiredness, exhaustion, frustration pushed through by determination and commitment that our staff/volunteers deal with. So in my eyes you are all heroes. So congratulations to you all.

Hastings Badger hidden in a shed

Rescuer Chris has had a difficult rescue in Hastings. Just before 1am WRAS received a call regarding a badger that had fallen 10 ft into a court yard and had got himself trapped. Rescue coordinator Chris travelled over from Eastbourne to attempt to capture the badger. On arrival the clever creature and managed to hide himself in a shed in the garden making a rescue extremely challenging. With not much space to work with Chris had to clear out the little shed only for the badger to then climb behind a tumble dryer.

Numerous attempts were made to get hold of the animal and after over an hour a grasper was finally attached to him and he was put into a badger cage. After assessment it was found his only real injury was a broken claw that had already stopped bleeding.

The badger was taken through the property and closer to his sett and Chris released him home just before 3am. He shot off with not even a thank you. It was a challenging rescue for Chris but worth it to see the badger run home. Thank you for the callers help and waiting up for us.

Our Christmas Fair is taking place at East Dean Village Hall on Saturday 3rd December. There will be about 15 stalls with wonderful gift ideas for Christmas, some wildlife related bits, as well as cakes, hot drinks, knitted items, Christmas cards, bat boxes and hedgehog houses, decorations, bags, chutneys and much much more.  So please come along between 11am and 3pm, to East Dean Village Hall, Village Green Lane, East Dean, BN20 0DJ. Free entry too.

Isfield Deer

WRAS took a call about a young deer caught in a barbed fence in Isfield. Rescuers Keith and Chris attended. Once on site they were greeted with a poor deer caught by a hind leg in the fence thrashing around. Chris approached the deer and managed to gain control and put a cover over its head to subdue the deer. Chris and Keith got the deer secure and Chris Collison, a deer specialist, arrived and helped cut the deer free.

Once the deer became free the leg began to bleed heavily and both Chris’s gave first aid to stem the bleeding and bandage the wound. The deer was then secured on to a stretcher and carried to the ambulance. The deer has been taken by Chris Collinson for further treatment but it’s very gaurded prognosis.

Uckfield High Street Fox

I rushed out to yet another road casualty fox in Uckfield High Street this week. The fox had been hit outside Noble Wines at the very northern end of the High Street. The fox was circled for a few minutes then collapsed on the pavement where two pedestrians kept a watch over the fox till I arrived.   I was able to gain control of the fox and get it loaded onto my ambulance before bringing the fox down to WRAS’s Casualty Centre.  As the fox was quite aggressive, Chris met me at the centre to help handle the fox and get it better assessed. The fox is improving but has damage to one eye, but hopefully might be able to be released soon.

Ben in fancy dress raising money for WRAS

Well done young Ben for organizing a fancy dress sponsored walk along Eastbourne Seafront at the weekend. He was raising money for three charities of which one was East Sussex WRAS. He is therefore donating £100 to our charity to help us look after our local wildlife. Thank you Ben.

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