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Trevor’s Week

Stone Cross Hedgehog
Stone Cross Hedgehog

This year has seen been a record breaking year for WRAS. We have dealt attended or admitted over 3000 casualties for the first time, July has been our busiest month hitting 500 casualties in just one month for the first time too.  To say the least it has been a very busy year and one we have struggled to cope with the workload.  We can’t keep expanding and expanding as financially we couldn’t cope. So your support, donations, monthly standing orders, legacies and more are really what keeps us going and saving lives.

With the wintery weather here now is a good time to think about our Winter Warmer Appeal, to help our wildlife which finds it hard to cope at this time of year. Along with many others two hedgehogs have come and joined WRAS for the winter weighing around 390g from Edinburgh Road, Seaford and from Tillingham Way, Stone Cross.

Moorhen from Horam
Moorhen from Horam

We have also admitted a fledgling woodpigeon from Sunningdale Close Hailsham, a blackbird from Eastbourne caught by a cat , a feisty swan from Glydne Railway Station caught out by the weather. There has also been a moorhen hit by a car at Horam which was luckily just rather dazzed and a very poorly young collared dove blown out of a tree and suffering from canker.

Rescuers were called to Junction street Polegate after reports of a gull hiding between parked cars.  He is very lucky to be alive after being hit by a vehicle and seems to have just a small wound to his neck but is very unbalanced on his legs. He is recovering well though.

As a general rule we don’t attend road casualty deer but rescuers Wren and Stacey rushed to a deer just down the road from our hospital on the A22 close to the deer warning signs. Reports were it was sitting on the verge unable to stand. Sadly no one waited with it and by the time we arrived the deer had tried to cross back and had been struck this time fatally. Animal welfare aside, this deer could of ran across the road into the path of a car with a family in it causing it to crash. It could of been more then the deer that lost its life. If the first car had stopped and put it’s hazards on it could of been a different outcome. Please stop if you hit an animal. Don’t assume it’s run off or died.

Rescuers Katie and Chris have also assisted motorists and Sussex Police search for a young deer that was struck on the A22 East Hoathly. The mum of the deer had been killed instantly but the young deer, which had also been hit, rushed off into the woodland. Sadly, after a good search, it wasn’t found.

After being ill last week, I haven’t had a chance to thank you everyone for attending our Christmas Craft Fair at East Dean a couple of weeks ago.  It was a great event and raise loads of money for WRAS.  Thank you to everyone who made it possible especially Chris who organised the event and to our volunteers for helping so much.  Also thank you to everyone who attended the Uckfield Late Night Shopping  and came to see us at Paws and Claws in Olive Yard too.

Blackwater Road Fox recovers
Blackwater Road Fox recovers

The fox which Chris and Laura waited up late in Blackwater Road Eastbourne a couple of weeks ago is improving and now up and about on all four legs, hopefully he will be suitable to go home  in time for Christmas too.

Thank you to the Uckfield Singers and Buxtyed Symphony Orchestra who raised money for East Sussex WRAS at their Christmas Concert where their raffle raised £375.00. Thank you very much for all your support.


Trevor Weeks MBE

Founder & Operations Director


East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS)

Reg Charity 1108880


Office: 01825-873003

24Hr Rescue Line: 07815-078234

Trevor’s Private Mobile: 07931-523958



Unit 8 The Shaw Barn, Whitesmith, East Sussex, BN8 6JD.