Today’s article will be a bit of story time. A story about how and why a woman in Prague established an AdAstra café and how found out about this café.

Some things a man comes by accident. One day I found a post on my Facebook facebook about a cafe. Yes, you guess right – it was about café AdAstra. It was a relatively long post but I decided to read it all. And it was right decision. It tells a story. In next few sentences I will summarize it.

The lady wrote about her job and why she (they) decided to found a café:

“For 15 years I have been helping handicapped children thanks to the non-profit Hound on horseback. The children we care about grow up and needed to offer them the possibility of self-realization, so we founded a café a few years ago where they can work. And not only those who are really capable of doing something and can handle the service reliably. But even those who need constant supervision and escort and their main activity and joy are (just) folding napkins. For someone ONLY, for them FOLDING THE NAPKINS IN THE COFFEE !!!”

Why does Mrs Veronica do it? Well, among other reasons, because one of her employees is her sister.

Also she wrote an explanation of why she made this post on facebook:

“Unfortunately, our cafe still faces the existential problems that we have managed so far. Now, however, there is a risk that our youth will have no place to return after winter.”

Mrs. Veronika therefore asked for a visit and a tasting of their lunch or desserts and coffee. So I decided to visit this place and make a review.

The company is located in Prague, near the Vltava River. It can be reached by public transport very easily. Just drive to the “Výtoň” stop and walk about 200 meters. I made the reservation in advance and it was a good decision. If you ever visit this place, I recommend making a reservation as well. The interior is pleasant.

I ordered coffee and dessert. Since this article is not a food review, I’ll summarize this – coffee and dessert were very good. Serving, what makes this place different, is very nice. What I like best at this point is that because it supports a good thing, the customers are very kind. This creates a great and positive atmosphere.

In the café there is also a small store where you can buy products created by people with a handycap.

I decided to write this article and inspire Prague visitors to visit this cool coffee house and to support such a good thing. I think it is very important to help each other. This project has greatly inspired me. People are different and it is great that these handy people can realized themself here.

So see you at AdAstra!