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Miracle’s Mission


Ann Evans takes a look at an amazing animal welfare charity that protects and improves the lives of stray and disabled animals worldwide.



Miracle’s Mission was founded by Victoria Bryceson, who we featured last week here in B-C-ing-U, as organiser of Vegan Events UK. The profits from these Vegan festivals go to Miracle’s Mission as one of the ways she and her team raise money to carry out their rescue work.

Victoria’s work with stray animals began in 2015 when she took a trip to Borneo. Here she became aware of the severity of the street dog population. Working with animal shelters over there, it became apparent that whilst these shelters were caring for the animals, the root cause was yet to be addressed. Allowing un-neutered cats and dogs to roam the streets meant that puppies and kittens were being born onto the streets at an alarming rate, with a grim life ahead of them. Miracle’s Mission came into existence with the main aim being to neuter stray animals on the streets of Borneo and decrease the population of dogs and cats suffering.



It was one little puppy’s plight that instigated Miracle’s Mission charity. Victoria explains: “Miracle was only a few days old when I found her and her siblings in a very remote area of Borneo. Their eyes weren’t even open, they’d been abandoned and were very unwell. The puppies were full of maggots, with ringworm and blood parasites. I watched her brothers and sisters pass away one by one. It was heart-breaking. When her last remaining brother passed away, she cried and clung to me – and has done ever since.  I hand-reared her but knew she was very unlikely to survive. She had several injuries and was very weak. If Miracle could have done something to help other dogs then she would have, so I became her voice and decided to set up the charity to help more dogs like her.”

Miracle made a full recovery and is now strong, happy and healthy, living in a happy home with two other adopted dogs from Borneo, Star and Tess.



The role of Miracle’s Mission is to protects and improves the lives of stray and disabled animals worldwide. The charity specialise in TNRM (Trap, Neuter, Release, Manage) and the rehabilitation and rehoming of disabled animals. Their work is predominantly in the UK, Borneo and Egypt. “Miracle’s Mission is ever expanding to help animals in need wherever we can,” added Victoria.

Talking about their work, she elaborated, “We run neutering projects to neuter stray dogs and cats to stop animals being born into the horrific street conditions that exist in other countries. Dogs and cats on the streets struggle to survive. They have no food, no water, no medical care and are abused and left to suffer. We want to stop this from happening as much as we possibly can.”



Back in the UK, Victoria has a number of dogs and cats in her care, as well as having team of foster carers who give these animals a happy home until a permanent loving home can be found for them. Many of these animals are disabled, amputees with some who have lost the use of their back legs being on wheels.

Victoria added, “The dogs do not know or care that they are disabled. They want to get up in the morning and play with their toys, eat their breakfast, run around like crazy and just enjoy the day as any other dog wants to. They want to go out for walks, they want to run and chase a ball, they want to go to the beach. The dogs are so happy and active in their wheels and the wheels allow them to run around and play with their friends. There isn’t much that a disabled dog can’t do with a bit of help and in their minds, they are just happy, normal dogs which is what the wheels allow them to be.”



“Miracle is the namesake of our charity, and her story is similar to many others around the world,” said Victoria. “However, not all of these animals end up being as lucky as Miracle was in finding a loving home where she is spoilt rotten!

“Adopting a disabled dog is the greatest feeling ever. They know you are there to help them and they know that you are giving them their life back. They are so happy, grateful and loving and there is nothing more rewarding than helping somebody to overcome their previous not so great life to go onto have a happy fun filled future.”



You can help by donating, fundraising, volunteering, fostering and of course adopting one of these dogs and cats.  Visit their website to discover more, and to meet the dogs and cats in need of new forever homes or to be fostered while waiting for that special person to come along.

Visit: https://www.miraclesmission.org/