Its’ been a busy few weeks with more filming seeing me slip from talking about Edwardian pub food with the Hairy Bikers to Second World War ration book cooking in a programme called The First Days Of Peace – Ration Book Britain. It was on with the forties tea dress and setting lotion at the ready as I prepared the delights of Mock Apricot Tart, Mock Cream; Victory Pudding and Potato shortbread for a news interview at BBC Southampton that talked about the upcoming programme.

The filming of the programme itself was great fun and a great excuse to get my hair done up in victory rolls. During the filming the presenter Joe Crowley uncovered a darker side to life in Britain after VE Day, looking at why food shortages led to a thriving black market, I was happy to share my knowledge in my role as a food historian. The First Days of Peace- Ration Book Britain aired on Monday 11th May at 19.30 on BBC 1 South and is available on IPlayer. Hopefully it will be repeated on BBC 2 later in the year.

IMG_2505No sooner did I get home from filming than I was washing the setting lotion from my hair and swapping my wartime dress for a Roman costume before loading the car up with my Roman cooking props and heading off to North Wales to give an Ancient Roman cookery demonstration in Prestatyn as part of the Romans Return to Prestatyn show.   The weather was fair and I was delighted to draw the crowds as I demonstrated how to make curd cheese, Roman bread, Roman preserving techniques as well as cooking up some linseed porridge and showing the Ancient Roman origin of many of our modern dishes.

It’s a short wittering’s this week as I am going to catch an early night and catch up on some much needed sleep, so until next week I bid you a fond farewell from West Wales.