Ben Say You Will

Ben Say You Will

Broken Road by Ben Hemming

Ben Hemming’s fourth album, recorded in Norway at Velvet Recordings, was produced by Nick Terry (The Libertines, Ian Brown, The Klaxtons.)

Nu-Bluesman Ben said, ‘Music for me has always been about story telling of passing on what you’ve learnt of life, through your unique journey, to the people around you.’

It was during a troublesome period in his life that Hemming embarked upon a musical pilgrimage around America that put him on the road to dedicating his life to music.

I played this CD several weeks ago, and again a few days ago.

The first time I listened to it, I found it really good all the way through, but forgettable.

But the second time, I liked it a lot more. And I think it will grow on you every time you play it.

It was a great start with Say you Will, and reminded me of the Dandy Warhols, who I love.

The second track, Dark Deals, had a great guitar and drums.

Every track is clearly sung, with good poetic words. And every track is different.

But when he sings slowly, I find his accent a bit cheesy.

I sat there thinking, Ooh, that reminds me of, um..

To me, Ben’s music is a cocktail of The Dandy Warhols, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age and Metillaca – all my favourite groups.

This is not a criticism. Mozart started by improvising the music of famous composers – and I do love a cocktail!

And a lot of Rock/Blues has a 4×4 rhythm.

I’d love to see him live. I bet he’s brilliant. And I can’t wait to hear him in another couple of years.

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Nick Corbin S h bw

Nick Corbin

Nick Corbin. Sweet Escape

What can I say about this CD? Brilliant brilliant brilliant!

Every track is good. It’s so refreshing when you find a CD that is interesting all the way through.

It doesn’t fit into any genre. To call it Pop Music is insulting. It’s a much higher quality than that.

Nick grew up with his father’s Soul Music playing all the time.

His voice has been compared to Paul Weller, Tom Misch and Mike Skinner.

I disagree. I think he’s unique. And he sings clearly, without any signs of copying anyone else.

It’s a great CD and I’m going to give it 10/10.

Have a listen to one of his tracks.

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