Hailsham RTA Badger

Hailsham RTA Badger

Chris rushed out to a road casualty badger in Battle Road, Hailsham last week. The call came in at 3am. Luckily motorists very kindly stayed with the badger and kept it safe till Chris arrived.  The female badger had been hit on the road and struggled to move.  Chris was able to swiftly capture the badger and meet our vet Mike at our Casualty Centre where it was sedated and treated.  Luckily her wounds don’t seem that seriously but is being closely monitored.  We hope she will be releasable this week. We will return her back to Battle Road late at night and release her when its quiet.

With all the negative publicity around gulls recently it was nice to meet some people who really cared about them this week.  Harry and his family called out WRAS after spotting a juvenile gull in the water at Sovereign Harbour.  Our rescuers rushed to the scene but the gull was too far away for nets to reach. The bird was clearly not going to last long and our boat was too far away to arrive quickly enough.  So Harry very bravely jumped into the water and swam across to the gull and brought him back to the waiting rescuers.  The poor bird had 15 fishing hooks of various shapes and sizes caught in his body all attached to fishing rigging gear.   The bird was taken to see our vet Mike who helped remove some of the hooks, one of which was embedded through the bird thigh.  The gull is doing amazingly well and we hope will be releasable this week.Gull caught in fishing line and hooks at Sovereign Harbour (1)

We have also had a duck rescued at Pells Pond in Lewes by rescuer Sally, the duck had his head stuck in the wall and was in need of rescue. The duck has a nasty wound on the side of his head which is now under veterinary treatment, but again we hope he will made a full recovery.

We had a very nice lovely lady on the phone asking about leaving WRAS a gift in her Will this week. Legacies are a really important sources of income for most charities as it is often the key time they are able to expand and improve their service. WRAS receives legacies occasionally, and each time we have been able to plough funds into expanding and improving our work saving lives. Our Casualty Centre would not be where it is today with such legacies.  There is more information about leaving a gift to WRAS in you Will on our website.  If you have already left us a gift in your Will, we would like to say thank you very much for thinking of us and the animals we help save. http://wildlifeambulance.org/donate/legacies/

Gull caught in fishing line and hooks at Sovereign Harbour (3)My colleague Lindsay is doing a skydive on Friday 7th. As if it wasn’t crazy enough, she has now also upgraded her jump from 10,000ft to 15,000! She has raised over £600 for WRAS so far but wants to reach closer to £1000. You can support her via her just giving page at https://www.justgiving.com/Lindsay-Redfern1/

We have managed to get another group of ducks out. We are now up to 80 ducklings which have come into care this year.  The dog attacked hedgehog from Bexhill  which was pregnant and gave birth before we could return her to the wild, has also been released this week. Her young are now old enough to be independent and not reliant on her for food so we will keep these for another week and then release them too.

Hailsham RTA Badger 28th July (1)