East Dean Road Casualty Fox

East Dean Road Casualty Fox

The biggest rescue last week was that of a female roe deer trapped at Sandy Ridge Uckfield, the fairly new development just north of Ridgewood roundabout off the Lewes Road in Uckfield.  Via local radio station Uckfield FM we were sent some video of a Roe deer walking backwards and forwards behind a fence and residents had concerns that the deer could not escape as it had been there for three days.  To make matters worse there was a 40ft drop down to a car park and pond which the fence was forming a safety barrier for.  The ledge between the fence and drop was in places only a few feet wide, but at the most about 15ft wide. As the ledge was wooded we were able to climb over the fence using ladders and erect a walk-to-wards net (looks like a tennis court net) across one end of the ledge between some trees. Kathy hid behind a tree whilst Chris and I encouraged the deer towards Kathy and the net.

Hiding Fledgeling Dunnock

Hiding Fledgeling Dunnock

We had to be very careful, as we didn’t want us or the deer to fall over the ledge.  It was luckily not long before the deer ran straight into the net allowing Kathy to jump and capture the deer. Chris and I ran through the bushes to back up Kathy and help control it. A stretcher was moved into place. Wrapped in a large blanket the deer was then strapped to the stretcher and lifted over the fence to the ambulance.  We had already planned for the deer to be released in a nearby field just a 2 minute drive away.

Leaving our rescue equipment on the ground we quickly but carefully drove to the release site where the deer was stretchered out the ambulance and into the field.  After a check up the deer was uncovered and the allowed to spring off across the field. It was so nice to see her stop and turn round  as if in surprise, wondering why we were not chasing her. Fingers crossed she was saying thank you! You can see a video of the rescue on our You Tube Channel www.youtube.com/user/eastsussexwras. You can also see other videos on our You Tube Channel including footage of our ducklings currently in care.

Uckfield Deer Release

Uckfield Deer Release

It’s still very busy, and we apologise for not being able to attend many calls ourselves over the past week. We have had vehicles and rescuers off the road. Thank you to the people that have brought casualties in to us, which sadly included one very poorly hedgehog with a horrendously infected and fly blown leg that was rushed to the vets, also a large female hedgehog found out in the day with a weird head tilt, we suspect she may also be pregnant. Our orphan rearing team have been working at full capacity recently.  Thanks to volunteers Sue, John and Sue who have helped us soft release our first fledglings back to the wild. We have a number of dunnocks and blackbirds ready to go out into aviaries now. We have had a baby magpie collected from a vets. We have also managed to release a magpie and gull, both who have recovered from severe illness, the gull was unable to stand for weeks, we have also released a pigeon back to Hailsham after being caught in netting above a newsagents .  We have also had a wood pigeon in Uckfield who had been seen sitting on a bird table all day very subdued, he then tried to fly and hit the window and then was grabbed by a dog – clearly not having a good day!

Uckfield Deer Release

Uckfield Deer Release

We rescued a pigeon with hair wrapped round its legs causing it problems flying and walking a couple of weeks ago by Costa Coffee in Lewes. We’re really pleased that this pigeon has now been released back in Lewes. We have also managed to get quite a few casualties out this week, which has helped free up a number of cages, but I doubt they will stay empty for long! You can see the video of the pigeon release on our facebook page.


We have had yet more fox casualties this week. Rescuers attended a young fox found at the side of the road in East Dean. Very concussed the fox was admitted into WRAS’s Casualty Centre. The first 48 hours was rather worrying, but luckily the fox is now making a good recovery and is now up and about.

Chris, Kathy and I also attended a limping duck at Little Horsted. We managed to catch her without too much trouble, but much to the annoyance of the local peacock who voiced his opinions very loudly. She was found to be bleeding from a number of puncture wounds either side of her. She had been sitting on eggs for the last few weeks, then the eggs were taken a few days ago by a predator and she was found injured. She has had emergency treatment and vet Chris has now seen her. She is making a good steady recovery.

WRAS's ducklings

WRAS’s ducklings



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