One of WRAS's orphaned Tawny Owls


Last week’s swan found near Newhaven has recovered from his operation well. Although he won’t be releasable back to the wild, he will be able to live out the rest of his days at the sanctuary. Big thank you to the Swan Sanctuary for their help with this one.

We have one of our Unusual Quiz Nights coming up on Saturday 24th October.  There is going to be a medical theme to this quiz. As those of you who have been before will know how fun they are, with unusual questions involving taste, smell, listening, observing, memorising and more!  Tickets for the event cost £10 per person and include a meal and entry to the quiz.  There will be a mild veggie chilli and rice served.  There will be a bar and refreshments too.   Doors open at 7.30pm with the meal starting at 8pm at East Dean Village Hall just outside Eastbourne.  There will be a bar too. To book tickets please call 01825 87300.

Rescue call-outs are still higher than normal for this time of year, which is putting a strain on our out of hours rescuers.  We have had a few calls to road casualties at night including a badger at Halland. Tony rushed to the aid of a fox in Brighton last week. The fox was very wet, and hypothermic. The fox was gently warmed and given medication, and seen by Chris Hall at Henley House Vets in Uckfield where the fox was given IV fluids. Sadly though the fox passed away.

Fire Service works with WRAS to rescue Crow in Seaford

Fire Service works with WRAS to rescue Crow in Seaford

We have been able to do more releases this week. A number of doves and pigeons have been released in Eastbourne, Seaford and Hailsham. We have released a group of hand-reared blackbirds, starlings and sparrows from some of our soft release pens, a long term blackbird and starling with wing injuries have gone into an outdoor pen and also a juvenile blackbird with similar issues was put in with them but has done so well he has been released. Our three Tawny Owlets are now out in the wild. The three  ‘Little Bald Men’ as we called them – our juvenile Jackdaws have been released as have the last of our juvenile crows and magpies who all had calcium deficiencies.

The gorgeous Barn Owl which was rescued at Ringmer has now been released again. He flew off amazingly, in such a silent and gentle manner.  It is so amazing to see our precious wildlife back in the wild. This is only possible thanks to the generous donations and support we receive from the public.

The crow which rescuer Murrae rescued in Seaford last weekend with the help of the local Fire Service after being found caught up a tree with line, has been returned to Seaford for release. The bird was treated at WRAS’s Casualty Centre where its leg had to be treated for a ligature wounds. At first we thought the blood supply to the foot was compromised but with medication and care he made a full recovery and is now back in the wild.

We have a few rather mature feral pigeons which have been admitted recently. Including one from Bourne Street, Eastbourne where he goes by the name of Geoffrey, as the finder who feeds him on a regular basis, calls him.  He is currently undergoing treatment and being fed to get him back up to weight ready to hopefully return home in the next few weeks.

One of Kathys baby hedgehogs

One of Kathys baby hedgehogs

The dog attacked a hedgehog which we rescued at Ringles Cross sadly passed away during the week. Our vet spent ages working on him cleaning his wounds, and treating his wounds, but sadly the wounds proved too much for him to cope with and he passed away.  We are pleased he was warm and comfortable.

There is just over a month to go before the end of October  which is an important time for hedgehogs.  Studies have shown that once a hedgehog reaches 600grams it stands a much better chance of hibernation.  Those below that weight struggle.  The end of October is used as a general guide for hedgehogs to be up to this weight.  If you have any small hedgehogs visiting your garden it is worth ensuring they have access to easy food, like cat food, to help them put on weight in time.

We have three adult hedgehogs now ready for release following treatment. Four hand-reared hoglets have gone to volunteer Jen’s  “soft release” pen,  two  more have gone to Hannah, two to Chris and three to Kathy’s hoggery.  Next up for release will be a large group of young feral pigeons who have been waiting for outdoor pen space, and many many more.


Mature PIgeon from Eastbourne

Mature Pigeon from Eastbourne