One of the baby hedgehogs born at WRAS

One of the baby hedgehogs born at WRAS

Our casualty centre is almost full to bursting now, we are have to put restrictions in place as we are so full, but we will continue to try our best to help as many people as we can.  Chris and I are walking around like zombies at the moment due to lack of sleep, and we would both like to thank our sympathetic partners Kathy and Laura for being so supportive and understanding during this very stressful and busy time of year.

Blackbirds are clearly having their second batch of young, as we are starting to get more nestling blackbirds coming into care. We had one admitted late at night from St Leonards-on-Sea after being caught by a cat.

We had a female hedgehog which came in from Bexhill a week ago after being caught by a dog, the following morning when she was checked she was found to be pregnant. Before we could get her back out in the evening she gave birth. Her babies are now a week old and we have now changed her bedding for the first time. We always leave them at least a week as if disturbed too much mum will kill their young.  We also have a female hedgehog which was found on the playing field of Hawks Farm School in Hailsham. She was also given an ultrasound and found to be pregnant. Because she was found on the school playing field we had concerns about releasing her in condition so she was taken to Kathy’s new Hedgehog Hospital in Uckfield here she was bedded down in a quieter environment than our centre where she would hopefully be more relaxed and calm. She finally gave birth at the weekend.

Once the babies are big enough they will all be released back to the wild in the same areas where found.

We have had a nestling buzzard found at Arlington this week.  We collected it from the finders at Golden Cross. We will be passing the buzzard over to another rescue centre as we don’t have big enough outside aviaries to rehabilitate such large birds of prey.



Wednesday nights are turning out to be a very busy night for rescuers each week, last week in the evening alone we had 2 gulls; 3 hedgehogs from Bexhill, Polegate and Heathfield; a thrush from Uckfield, a fox cub, mole, pigeon and a couple of garden birds. Sadly the young thrush and one of the hedgehogs has had to be put to sleep due to the severity of their injuries, all 3 hogs had flystrike but we hope the remaining 2 will recover.

Last week an ambulance rushed out after reports of a baby badger at Seaford Head Golf Course, at the same time we had an ambulance taking an emaciated very small baby badger from Hellingly to Wildlife Aid at Leatherhead. The same evening we also had a stunned young rabbit at North Chailey, a gull chick fallen from a roof in Lewes and a bird inside a house in Willingdon.

We had an emergency call after a swan crash landed on the side of the A27 between Beddingham and Lewes, during the rush hour. WRAS rescuers had to escort the swan off the A27. Rescuers in high-vis jackets slowed traffic as the swan decided it was ready to go and use the carriage way as a runway. The swan safely took off and landed in the steam next to the road.

We have a young fox in at the moment with that our vet thinks is a polyp on its ear drum. The poor creature has a severe head tilt, and we are seeking advice on how we proceed.

Nestling Buzzard from Arlington

Nestling Buzzard from Arlington

Other calls this week have included a badly injured pigeon at Forest Row at 11:30pm; several injured gulls in Seaford and Newhaven; an injured bird in Galviston Close in Eastbourne; an injured gull chick in Southampton Close Eastbourne; a catted bird in Old Town Eastbourne; there was also an adult gull trapped in a basement area in Susans Road Eastbourne.

It has been amazingly busy this summer and our volunteers have been working extremely hard doing their once a week feed and clean shift.  Its hard work keeping on top of things but it’s worth the stress. If anyone is interested in volunteering please check out the details on our website



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